When did that happen?

There are some questions which have simple answers

  • The dog behaves like that just because he wants to
  • Most annoying Glee character is Mr Schuster (although he has a lot of competition)
  • Paul was the best Beatle
  • West Wing is the best piece of TV ever made.

However, when I look at this photo, I have do have one question which I don’t have the answer to

  • WHEN DID I BECOME THE FAMILY MIDGET? (or perhaps more shockingly – the family Anne Widecombe look-alike?)

This week school sent home eldest sprog’s last ever school report and the date for his last ever parents’ evening. And so, despite all my attempts to ignore the facts before my very eyes, I now have to accept that the Head of the House and my good self are parents to a young man. We are both slowly coming to terms with the realisation that he will probably never again pronounce the word “gloves” as “glubs”. He is unlikely to lie on his back with his feet in the air singing nursery rhymes (no matter how often we ask) He is now to be found shouting abuse at Question Time and insisting that his Thrash Metal cannot be heard three doors down. So as he leaves to check out universities, trailing the Head of the House (acting as his chauffeur) in his wake, I just wanted to draw your attention to the obvious. Time really does go so much faster that you could ever believe. Every moment has to be snatched , treasured, held to your heart and remembered. You probably know all of this and I probably know it too. It’s just like most things it becomes a lot more real when it affects me.
However I will always remember him the way he was when we first gave him sweet potato……..

About Bloomin’ Time

It’s the last day of February and, at last, Spring may be on the way. These are in our garden, well I say garden – its not Blenheim Palace but it’s our own little patch of pebbles. Just when you thought it might never get warm again you look and the little green shoots are poking through and suddenly there they are.

There are probably lots of deep spiritual things to be said about patience and all that but I just thought it looked pretty and I hope it signals a decent summer. Anyway the Head Gardener informs me that there is a night frost due and they could all be dead by Friday so best not to be too deep about it all I think.

Thinking about something completely different, you know how certain sports events have to be on the BBC so people who don’t have satellite don’t miss out. Well that should definitely include the Oscars. Because you can only watch the Oscars if you pay for Sky movies and ITS NOT A MOVIE! So I have been left with completely rubbish highlights on even more rubbish Sky Living. So no proper opening. etc. etc. DISAPPOINTED!

“Its not the load that brings you down – its the way you carry it.” – Lena Horne
“She’s right. You do need to bend your knees when you pick heavy stuff up” – Daughter who hasn’t quite understood what Ms Horne was referring to.

The Differences Between Us

List of items on husband’s bedside table….

  • Alarm clock (set at exactly correct time)
  • Book he is currently reading.
  • Box of tissues
  • Lamp

List of items on my bedside table

  • Box of tissues
  • Book I am reading currently
  • Books I am about to read
  • Books I have read and haven’t got round to putting away
  • Photo of husband and children (In case I forget what they look like?)
  • Pair of £2 glasses for reading
  • Second pair of £2 glasses to use when I can’t find the first pair because I’m using them as a bookmark
  • Watch and rings which I have taken off when I realised I was wearing them in bed
  • Body lotion for scaly limbs
  • Nail varnish
  • Clock (set ten minutes fast to give me an extra ten minutes in bed. Yes it does make sense and I know my clock is slower on the photo but I took my picture at a different time)
  • Lamp
  • Notebook and pen for genius like thoughts that may strike in the middle of the night – or alternatively, shopping lists

So we are not exactly carbon copies of each other – my chap and me. Yet, I know that as in most good relationships, it is the differences  between us that cement us together and keep life interesting. He’s very patient and I was sent to develop that patience by trying it at every opportunity. So, quietly and without any great fanfare, I would like to use a day we never celebrate to say thank-you., bless you and all the other stuff which ain’t no body’s business but ours.

Welcome Lucy

This is Lucy and she is the new addition to the family. There may be a temptation to think that we have lost our collective minds. It’s not as if we’ve exactly got the dog we already have under control. (By the way – mad woman on the park – a Jack Russell bounding towards you on the park does not constitute a devil dog attack and certainly does not merit wild swipes of your handbag at said Jack’s head.)

But Lucy was my brother’s dog and three dogs were too much for his partner to manage alone so now Lucy lives with us. So there.

Lucy is my first lady dog so it was a bit of a shock the first time I saw her do a wee wee but other than that she’s just more of the same as Morecambe but a bit more delicate. Morecambe,of course, is totally annoyed by her very presence. Can’t say we expected any different to be honest…


One of the differences between blogging and say – writing a book is that a blog is a living document with a timeline. So, unlike the printed word, the fact that I haven’t been on here since well before Christmas is as plain as the nose on your face, as they say. I have spent a few months concentrating on other things. I spent a long time dealing with my brother’s death. Read lots, walked a lot and worked a lot. We got though Christmas ok although there was literally a spare place at the table. But now, having accepted that you never recover from something like this, you just carry on, a bit more frayed at the edges but essentially believing all that you believed before. The blog returns with apologies for its absence. More news to follow.