Nearly Martha Again

Hello, This is me and my gang – all of whom are thrilled to be in this photo. They all scrub up very well. For the purposes of this blog they are forever known as HOH (for Head of House), FOW1 (Fruit of Womb 1) and the girly is FOW2.  In fact only 50% of the personnel here now live here full time, but their bedrooms are still here and they turn up from time to time to sleep in them. 

I blog about life – specifically from a Christian point of view – which, in my case, is not always as edifying as you were probably hoping for. I like books, films (except ones where people get their eyes scooped out with a spoon) and a bit of TV. Although, I am beginning to sound a bit like one of those old people I used to hate who always say “I only really watch documentaries and the sport” 

I’m at that difficult spot in life where children are more or less dealt with but finances are not allowing retreating to a Spanish villa any time soon. I have an Aged Parent to deal with as well who took the plunge at a grand old age and moved from the north of England to slightly blustery Plymouth to be nearer to us. 

When I am at my best, I like to think of these times as the “Elizabeth Years”. (I mean the mother of John the Baptist – not the Queen – although she also is a fine figure of a woman and an example to us all) Elizabeth was well past what people thought was her best when suddenly she found herself pregnant with the top messenger of the coming of the Son of God. It wasn’t over for her and I am hopeful that it is not over for me either.