Evening all. Just a quick check-in if that’s ok because, I have had a week off work and am only now, at 8 pm on Sunday night, having a go at getting my stuff together for Monday morning. And there’s football on. Three matches a day at the moment. HOH is taking it very well so far. This is more than can be said for the doctor being interviewed in the pre church “mingle” this morning. He had his head in his hands as the minister explained that not only were there three matches a day but that the Euros Tournament is going to last a month. Ain’t life grand.

Incidentally. A mingle is something the church has introduced to actually stop us mingling in the current trying circumstances. A member of the congregation is dragged kicking and screaming onto the stage, placed on a comfy settee, and asked cheery questions. It works quite well I think. Although, I am not sure about the word “mingle”. It reminds me of a terrible pop song from my youth which gloried in the line

I’m young, free and single and I just want to mingle with you girl ♫.

I’m no expert, but I don’t think he is talking about just having a nice chat with new people in the church at all. Sometimes I feel Auntie Dorothy was right when she said I should be careful with the radio. (not my real Auntie – “Church Shepherd” she was. Big hat. Husband ran a funeral parlour and it gave her bad nerves. Got really upset when she saw a youth member’s car parked outside a public house one afternoon. No one had the nerve to tell her that he had a job selling those cardboard things with little bags of peanuts and pork scratchings on them).

I’ve had a brilliant week off thank you for asking. I’ve been to Exeter, FOW1 and FOW2 visited bearing gifts. I’ve had too many meals out – although no one was making me go and no one was making me have pudding either. I had lunch in a friend’s garden and, at the end of the week, we went to Bath. We went to see an exhibition of Canalettos – his Venice paintings to be precise. They are amazing. the attention to detail is extraordinary. There are obviously the sweeping views of the canals etc. but also you can see people hanging out their washing on the roofs and tiny dogs and cats fighting. Apparently, his standard of draughtsmanship was so high that current Venice architects and climate experts are using his paintings to compare to current water levels to see how far Venice is sinking. Apparently, the visiting cruise ships aren’t doing it any good. You think, Sherlock? If you are passing Bath – as you do – the exhibition is at the Holburn Museum, (Picture at the top of blog. Very Bath. Very Austen etc.etc). I think it’s until the end of September (don’t quote me). Apparently, it’s from the Woburn Abbey collection and was last loaned out about 70 years ago.

The week was only slightly marred by phone calls from Aged Parent complaining about this and that. Including telling me that my Auntie Joyce was asking her to go and live with her. (not my real Auntie. Mum’s friend for about 40 years. Rich as Croesus. Lives in the Isle of Man. Good beaches and tax breaks). Interestingly, one night Auntie Joyce phoned me to ask if AP had Dementia. Please, see the previous comment re Sherlock Holmes. They speak three times a week for goodness sake. Anyway, Joyce tells me that my Mum is asking if she can go and live with her on the Isle of Man because she never hears from me, there is no food in the house and all the carers hate her). Joyce is a nice lady and it was my pleasure to correct her on all points. But thanks Mum – much appreciated.

HOH tells a story about a nursing colleague who was taking her Aged Mother to the weekly shop. ” Thank goodness, it’s you.” said the mother “I never hear from your sister. Never lifts a finger for me”. Guess which sister was taking her out. It’s stories like this that encourage me not to take AP’s pronouncements personally. Usually.

HOH did get Mum to sign a birthday card to me but didn’t check what she had written. Please find here a perfect description of my life. She means well. have a good week.



  1. June 13, 2021 / 11:10 pm

    My friend went to visit his AP in the care home and was told he was being bathed. He asked the carer if he could help. As he sponged his Dad’s back the guy said “oh thank you. That’s lovely. I wish my son would come and do that but he never visits.” my friend went weekly, he was so upset by his dad’s words. Dementia is cruel. Glad you could see FOWs though.

    • lesleyps91
      June 14, 2021 / 8:07 pm

      It is cruel and you do wonder how much people who hear these things believe. That I never phone etc. I’ll be honest, I sometimes have to brace myself before I phone

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