Ordinary People

Hello. Welcome one, Welcome all. First of all, just to let you know that Aged Parent has had her second injection. We made it. All I will say about the experience is that, on the way out, I was offered an “I’ve Had My Vaccination” sticker. The consensus of opinion being that I had earned it. I shall say nothing more. Although it was quite funny when, on trying to give details as we went in, I tried to whisper “Could I possibly leave MY contact details as there is a little bit of dementia.” Only for AP to ask “Have you? Well, I never knew that.”

If you are in the UK I hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend (unless you work in hospitality, retail, the NHS etc etc) In fact, unless you actually work in an actual Bank, the Bank Holiday may not be troubling you at all. Anyway, be of good cheer – it’s apparently going to pour down all day tomorrow.

Just a prior warning. I am probably going to be ranting in this blog (no probably about it really) and some of it will be quite political. So there you are.

I have watched the politics and the news and stuff this week (curtains, lobbying, cladding and all that jazz) and I want to say something. I am an “ordinary person” and it matters to me. It matters a lot. To backtrack for those checking their agendas and wondering if they have skipped a page. Early this week or possibly a lifetime ago, when there was a lot of hoo-hah about who had paid for the refurbishment of our Dear Prime Minister’s abode, a “top person” in the Corridors of Power seemed to have decided that the way to steer the Great British Public’s attention away from swindling, cheating ignoring of politics code kind of behaviour (allegedly) was to waggle the sock puppet of the vaccination programme and its success so that we would all look at that going “oooh” and forget everything else. In fact, that really was the only sensible way to behave with everything we have got on. So, some nondescript sacrificial lamb was pushed out on wheels to say that they didn’t think that “Ordinary People” were bothered about who paid for the Prime Minister’s curtains. In these times, what with the old Panny-d, sensible “ordinary people” had enough on their plates.

Now, this is a bit of a risk. Drawing people’s attention to the Pandemic that is. Let the number 151,243 (number with Covid 19 on the death certificate) sink in. It’s a lot. Somehow, it seems even more when combined with the charming phrase about letting bodies pile up on the street. But there is no doubt that the vaccination programme is outstanding. My trouble is that I will insist on giving the lion’s share of the credit for that to the NHS, the scientists, the volunteers, the civil servants – all the people who seem capable of organising their way out of a paper bag. But the consensus of opinion seems to be that we – the Ordinary Common People will give bad behaviour a pass because – well at least we are still alive and we can have a reasonably priced full English breakfast in a Wetherspoon’s beer garden now. But I need to say that it matters. For me, Integrity matters.

When politicians give out favours to their mates so that they can make millions from PPE etc. – bypassing people who actually did this for a living and then drag their feet about an enquiry.

When ex-Prime Ministers phone current government ministers to try and get favours for a failing financial institution.

When people who have apartments which they have bought, having done the necessary checks are told that those checks are not sufficient and, in fact, the building was always unsafe but was waved through anyway – when those people are told that they will have to pay to put this right – despite previous promises. ‘We are determined that no leaseholder should have to pay for the unaffordable costs of fixing safety defects that they didn’t cause and are no fault of their own.’ B. Johnson.

And yes…those flippin curtains as well.

It matters. It really does matter. It’s not old fashioned or unrealistic to say that I want (as far as is humanly possible) to believe that these people are not out and out lying. I know, from personal experience that there are a lot of decent people in politics. I also know, because of the job that I do, that some people in politics are more aware of the power of an Instagram image of an MP with an elderly woman on a scooter than they are of the power of doing something fantastic to actually make that woman’s life better.

I am that “Ordinary” person. And I really am very bothered. And really quite sad.

Because I have ranted, I just thought I would leave you a little cheered with just how ordinary Aged Parent thinks I am

AP Whatever happened to your hair. It used to be lovely and long.

Me Well, it’s quite long now.

AP No, I meant really long, and pinned up on your head. (Points to my wedding photo)

Me Mum, that hair took my friend Mandy nearly an hour to do. She can hardly pop round every morning and do that.

AP (Looking hard at me and then looking away) Oh. Pity.



  1. May 3, 2021 / 8:47 am

    Ranting with you. It bothers me that if you mention The Nolan Principles in conversation, 50% of your socially distanced audience think “Irish singing girls” How dare somebody refer to John Lewis decor as a Nightmare. This company is built on principles of honesty and service, and respect for its workforce. The Prime Minister would do well to learn from the JL Partnership. As for the money wasted on The Briefing Room… And my heart aches for a little girl in London whose mother is in prison in a far country because of the careless words and thoughtless actions of that man.

    • lesleyps91
      May 3, 2021 / 9:12 pm

      There is so much stuff isn’t there – so when does it break through to opinion polls etc?

  2. May 3, 2021 / 11:13 am

    There is really nothing more to add, except ‘Well said’. Actually, Extremely well said.

  3. May 3, 2021 / 11:34 am

    What you said there — “But I need to say that it matters. For me, Integrity matters.”

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