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Hello – welcome one – welcome all. Just a brief catch up here because my life is still just a mish-mash of work, going home, sitting on the settee and wondering if it will ever stop raining. All these things happen every day and not much else. Sometimes I have extra chocolate biscuits just to jazz it all up a bit. You can’t even sit outside and pretend you understand cafe culture. We went for our daily walk yesterday and watched young people sat outside in the freezing drizzle, trying desperately to stop shivering long enough to raise a glass of chilled white wine to their lips. To add insult to injury, if you sit near enough, the waves come up over the sea wall every so often and prove that you can actually get even wetter.

I have a week’s leave to look forward to and, I confess, I intend to risk life and limb and go inside with people. We are going to IKEA. We need coat hangers and serviettes that’s all. Expect the final bill to be around the £140 mark. We have booked an anniversary meal at our favourite restaurant. And, we are still hoping to get to London, as long as the trains are running. We are going to the Tower of London and listening to Beefeaters making history interesting. I understand that all these actions are risky – less so now with vaccinations hopefully – but either way, I am a bit “Where Eagles Dare” about everything at the moment and I need to give it a go. Hopefully.

Even Aged Parent is looking forward to going downstairs to the communal room and taking part in the odd game of Bingo. It’s not her favourite but there’s no word as yet about when they can expect to see the return of Steve Carrundo and his Spanish guitar, so you have to get your thrills when you can. Aged Parent is very keen on him and I have to say I admire him myself. Apparently, he always tries to respond to requests, even though I don’t suppose “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B” is naturally part of his skillset.

The cinemas will be open again soon which is excellent – or would be if there was anything on. For some reason, the powers that be seem to think it will be enough to show all the Harry Potters, Peter Rabbit 2, some terrible horror film that involves people being forced to kill themselves in horrible ways and Nomadland on a big screen. By the way – Nomadland it’s on the Telly. It is utterly brilliant. Frances McDormand is brilliant. This is not me opening a debate. It is fact. See it and feel better about things. Anyway, big cinema people, lots of people have enjoyed staying at home to watch films. If you want them to turn up and watch things at your place, you need to find films for them to watch. Just a thought.

I think I said last week that I had started the Brian MacLaren book about him deconstructing his faith. I have to tell you that, as Mastermind hosts so often nearly say – “I started it and I finished it. ” Although I think that depends on your definition of “finish”. If by finish I mean keep trying with it as long as I possibly could and then get to a point where I simply had no idea what he was going on about and gave up – then I did finish it. (I didn’t finish it)

If you are wondering what I mean about de-constructing faith, I think (I may well be very wrong) it means that people have things about their faith that they no longer believe and they choose to leave them behind. Sometimes this is about Biblical doctrines like the things in Genesis, heaven and hell, purity culture etc. Sometimes it’s about a different approach to gay people, people of other faiths and er….women. That’s really simple but so am I. I consider myself a fairly thoughtful person and I found the first three or four chapters quite interesting and challenging and there was a lot that I agreed with. After that though, I just couldn’t get on board with all his certainties about how life should be. Maybe he’s a lot further on than I am. Maybe, as HOH says, I should settle down with a nice murder mystery for a while. There is a time and a place for deep stuff and this may not be the time or the place. For some people, this has been a time of yoga and sourdough. Others have faced their own mortality in a deep and intelligent way. For me, at the moment, it is a time for Agatha Christie, Mint Magnums, a new Trinny London eye-shadow and a nice white wine on the settee, with HOH. Sometimes you know, I am very grateful for where I am now and a nice sit down.



  1. May 17, 2021 / 6:35 am

    This weekend I greatly enjoyed watching Shane Claiborne on YouTube. Normally (for the last half century) I’ve gone to the Baptist Assembly each May, met all my mates and listened to some fine preaching. Obvs this year we couldn’t do that. But I really enjoyed this guy’s sermons (not too long, and I was able to listen in the kitchen whilst preparing a toast dinner, so win-win) Check him out, I think you’d enjoy his thoughts too. And it’s free! (you can skip all the pre-amble of the service and go straight to the message)

    • lesleyps91
      May 18, 2021 / 4:52 pm

      Hello. Thanks very much for this. I read one of his books years ago and I thought it was excellent

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