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Nice out there isn’t it? Breakfast on the balcony today. The sun took its sweet time moving over to warm us up a bit but we were determined. Also, I went away. Well, obviously, I haven’t been away because that is illegal but I didn’t do this here blogging. That was partly because work has been awfully busy. Planning for the imminent return of the elderly to society has been time-consuming, to say the least. Although, a lot of them are back already as you will know if you have been anywhere near Marks and Spencer Foodhall. Lots of the elderly have had their second vaccination and they are on the boogie. I don’t mind – much – except when this newfound freedom results in seniors standing five abreast in the aisles while they collectively debate the merits of an individual steak and kidney pie.

The second reason for my absence was the second vaccine. One would never want to be ungrateful and I am aware that I am in a privileged position but I was warned that, if you have had Covid within six months, your immune response could be a bit full-on. Correct. Fortunately, it was Easter Sunday so I was able to spend a day and a half in bed. I still feel a bit slow on the uptake but no one seems to have noticed. Not all bad news obviously, I had wall to wall Midsommer Murders to catch up on.

On top of everything else, Aged Parent managed to bring the police to our door. Well, not our door – her door. They had to bring her home because she was lost. This wasn’t one of those times when someone with dementia forgets the way home. She is perfectly capable of finding her way to Asda and back. However, she decided to go on Easter Sunday and it was closed. Someone, who was trying to help, directed her to another shop which he felt may be open and she gamely decided to give it a go. That’s when she got lost. And the police became involved. As usual, she had no remorse about the incident – never apologise, never explain. According to the carers, she spent most of the afternoon complaining that she forgot to get the handsome policeman’s number. Hahaha. Hillarious apparently.

FOW2 returned to her home in Exeter last week as her furlough was ending. We have had one child or the other staying with us for over six months now and it feels a bit weird. It isn’t meant to be a judgement on anyone if we say that a two bedroom apartment isn’t really big enough for three people for any length of time. We are not offended at all that both the sprogs had seemed ready to move on and, as a bonus, I have somewhere to hang my coats again.

I spent an hour yesterday watching the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh. I mean, a lot of it was a bit “BBC Deep Slow Voice” kind of stuff (although I wouldn’t watch it anywhere else) but it was much more moving than I thought it would be. As I pointed out to Aged Parent when she asked what he had died of and I said “Being 99” we both agreed that it was a good innings but I did notice that Her Majesty didn’t seem to raise her little head all the way through it. I wondered if she just wanted us all to go away and leave her be. You couldn’t blame her if she did really.

What else has happened? Well, I signed up for an online diet thing – won’t say which – no need for you to be influenced by me. Anyway, I cancelled within 24 hours. When I got to see the recipes, they were all either really spicy or they were overnight oats and everyone knows that overnight oats are of the devil. Also, I only wanted to drop half a stone to get into summer stuff so I am not going to change a life of avoiding any food that makes my nose run for such a piffling amount of weight loss. So back to the drawing board. HOH – who isn’t bothered either way really – has said that possibly cutting back on a few mint Aeros could have the desired effect. He may have a point.

Also, while you are here, if you have a blog or an Instagram or something that you wouldn’t mind if I followed, please let me know. I would love to read people’s stuff (possibly I am a bit nosy). There are more people that read this than you would think (I know, I know) and I would love to find out what sort of things are going on (so long as it’s all above board)

Anyway, judging by the lack of people bellowing in Irish or Brummie accents, it sounds like Line of Duty has finished now so I can probably go back into the Living Room. I have tried to like it (well not that hard I’ll be honest) but I genuinely have no idea what is going on and (whisper it) I care even less. Also, too much unexpected shooting, garroting, finger off-chopping for my personal taste. If you are after something decent to watch, can I humbly recommend The Life Ahead on Netflix with Sophia Loren. Just brilliant. Have a good week.



  1. April 19, 2021 / 3:35 pm

    HI, I blog in an irregular fashion – a bit like the British weather – drown or drought – at http://www.a-letter-from-home.blogspot.com. It’s all a bit random – depends on what I am interested in at the moment.
    Like you, I enjoy reading what other people are up to – Archdruid Eileen is always good for a pointy and/or irreverent comment on national affairs; https://cyber-coenobites.blogspot.com/
    I also follow lizsteel.com because I like her approach to sketching, pianodao.com because I am a piano teacher and I like his approach and ibenedictines.org because she knows what she is talking about.

    I always enjoy your blogs – I too have an Aged Parent living in sheltered accommodation. I miss not being able to visit (I’m clinically vulnerable, and he has visiting carers so is a bit of a covid risk) but we go and shout at him from outside his window and send stuff up on a piece of string. I’m hoping for my second vaccine to happen soon – he’s 91 and I have a sense of time ticking….

    • lesleyps91
      April 20, 2021 / 4:59 pm

      Thank you v much for the recommendations. Am going to have a look. Also liking the idea of pointy comments as I am finding plenty to be pointy about at the moment

  2. Jenny Young
    April 19, 2021 / 4:52 pm

    If I give up bread & write down everything I put into my house I seem to lose weight…but who really wants to do that?!

    My Instagram account is @jennylovescharlie
    I chose that name in frustrations. I tired every combination of my name that I could think of & they were all taken…even adding random numbers on the end. So in frustration I typed in jennylovescharlie & it went through! Ha. I do love Charlie thankfully. We’ll be married 34 years in three weeks.

    • lesleyps91
      April 20, 2021 / 4:57 pm

      I find giving up bread impossible. Reducing is the best I can do. And crisps, while we are talking about it. Successfully gave them up for Lent then ate a full packet the day after. Arrrgh!
      HAve followed you on Insta – lovely photos thank you

  3. April 19, 2021 / 9:07 pm

    I am hoping to lose weight now I’m retired. Except I have realised that my freezer herein Norfolk is full of the exciting Christmas food I purchased in late October (we never got here in December cos of lockdown) Fancy gateaux, frozen croissants, delicious sausages… All needing to be eaten up. And the packet stuff, which is a little bit too old to go to the Food bank, but not so old I can justify throwing it away… I shall be a cuddly little old granny for a bit. You know where my blog is.

    • lesleyps91
      April 20, 2021 / 4:53 pm

      Don’t rush it. Plenty of time for a health kick if you feel like it. You wouldn’t be comfortable not using it up would you? I know you haven’t asked for it but my advice is EAT IT ALL

  4. April 23, 2021 / 12:37 pm

    I too have a blog – I’m not sure if you read it or not…

    I always enjoy reading yours as you make sharply witty points. Thank you.

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