Welcome one, welcome all to a continuation of my meander through Advent. I am playing catch up but better late than never (or “better never late” as the old lady that HOH used to give a lift to church would say. The whole arrangement was a challenge to his grace levels I seem to remember). Anyway, digressing.

First of all, a couple of Christmassy books. (Or Advent if you are a hardline religious maniac and prefer things to have their correct title). As I am a woman on the edge and struggling to catch up at the moment, HOH is actually reading the Nick Page – Christmas, Tradition, Truth, and Total Baubles. If you have read any Nick Page, you probably know exactly what to expect. HOH says it’s really funny. He is a terrific writer. But, HOH would like it pointed out that there is lots of studious thought and research here, resulting in lots of interesting facts and things that make you say – “well I never knew that”. This I know because HOH keeps reading bits out – usually when I am trying to read something else. Among the ideas he tackles are: Christmas was a pagan festival that Christians pinched (not so fast, Buster), Joseph was an old man and Santa Claus was invented by Coca-Cola. He also looks into the background of various Christmas Carols. I am warning you though, I will have no truck with any criticism of Hark The Herald Angels Sing. HOH recommends the book wholeheartedly. It’s especially good apparently when your brain is still a bit Covid foggy and you can dip in and out of it.

The book I am reading is “Into the Heart of Advent” by Penelope Wilcock. Full disclosure. I am a big fan of Penelope’s writing and would call her a chum. This is a format she has used before, where Jesus appears to the writer and, over a series of conversations, they address the problems and the pluses of Christmas. Jesus appears as a normal-ish man and it may be significant that not everyone else can see him. The conversations are short, affectionate, and usually accompanied by a cup of tea and a log fire. Again there is a lot of research and thought here and again it is lightly presented, managing to make it both accessible and challenging. It has made me feel good about who Jesus is and who he thinks I am.

Last full week at work this week. (A bit of a cheek really – can’t remember my last full week at work) so quite a lot to get done. I still have a couple of presents to buy although we have deliberately drawn our horns in this year. It doesn’t seem appropriate to run up and down aisles like Supermarket Sweep this year does it? Aged Parent would like it to be known that she did not sign up to a reduced Christmas List, except when it comes to buying for other people. Yesterday, she tried to fob us off with the tinniest Selection Box you have ever seen which she had won at the Bingo. “That’ll do for the kids for Christmas.” I was patient. I was kind. I begged to disagree. We came to an arrangement.

I am persevering with my Advent candles. Tonight is week three. Is it supposed to be pink on week three? I’m rubbish at this sort of thing. Let’s pretend I am a Puritan or something. I certainly am not in touch enough with the proper Christian calendar to know why today’s candle should be pink (or not) I have to say, the weather isn’t helping much. It keeps blowing them out. Anyone would think that God wasn’t that bothered about Advent Candles one way or the other. (Digressing again. Do you remember when Advent Calendars just had tiny pictures of robins and holly behind the windows? Then, on Christmas Day, there was a bigger photo of the Nativity scene. That was before all advent calendars had to have a full-size jar of Creme De Mer, a bottle of gin, or a tiger cub behind the windows. At the risk of sounding like someone in Dad’s Army – I think we were happier with it before).

Anyway, talking about light and Christmas (yes we were). Yesterday, on our restorative walk we turned a corner to be greeted by a low slung sun which was so bright and overpowering, that we couldn’t look at it. (My photo doesn’t really do it justice). I was thinking that Jesus had said that he was the world’s light but often – to our eyes, it isn’t always an overpowering, “everything is going to be fine”, kind of light. Sometimes it feels like it is a candle – struggling on a windy balcony because life is crowding in so much that you really have to screw your eyes up to see it. But keep your eyes on it. The Light is still there and the more we pay attention to it, the more we find we can see it.



    December 13, 2020 / 8:11 pm

    I’m feeling a bit guilty- this year many of my neighbours [well, I can see eleven houses fully decorated from the front bedroom window] have gone totally overboard with flashing lights, snowmen, reindeer, steam engines, and more . And I’ve just got a lighted wreath in the porch, and two illuminated stars in the window. And I am the one who is supposed to be proclaiming the Light of the World. . When did advent calendar = chocolate for breakfast? Feeling old and tired tonight. Grateful that Jesus loves me despite that

    • lesleyps91
      December 14, 2020 / 9:53 pm

      I mean, I like the outside lights as much as the next woman but have seriously not been that keen on how competitive it is. And it is just nonsense really isn’t it. Also – not to teach a much better Christian than I am how to suck eggs – you do know really that this is not the sort of light Jesus was talking about. And you are really good at the proper stuff xx

  2. Kirsten
    December 13, 2020 / 8:29 pm

    Thisornimg I coloured a white candle with a pink highlighter pen for my Advent wreath . Ta-da!

    I am bribing myself to make a start on Christmas cards beginning with A, not at the end with W, this year. I alternate in case I don’t get to the end. 10 cards in a pack; one pack written = a reward.

    • Kirsten
      December 13, 2020 / 8:30 pm

      I ryte betr than I tipe

    • lesleyps91
      December 14, 2020 / 9:41 pm

      That’s an excellent idea. I am soo far behind this yeat, I am toying with the idea of no cards at all!

  3. December 14, 2020 / 7:26 pm

    Used to love those ‘proper’ Advent calendars. Though, obviously, chocoalate is a Very Good Thing.

    • lesleyps91
      December 14, 2020 / 9:39 pm

      Think I am quite old-fashioned. Can’t get my head around paying £200 for an Advent calendar

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