Times and Seasons and all that

What are you reading? It is with great regret that I am announcing my abandonment of Lila by Marilynne Robinson. I am a big fan of the precise and warm writing of Robinson. When I read Home – I was thinking about it for days. I got into a conversation on Twitter with people who weren’t that thrilled with her and I trilled on and on about the glory of this writer. And now I am giving up on her. I feel bad. Except I don’t really. It’s the time and the season I think.

I think even Robinson’s fans will tell you that not much really happens in her books. But I haven’t read, anyone who evokes the dirt poor, life on the edge existence of rural America as she does. She is not Lee Childs in a frock – nor would she want to be. And at the moment, I just can’t do it. In fact, because I have read Home, and I am reading them in the wrong order, I do know more or less how it ends. Without spoiling too much an old pastor falls in love with Lila but she has a past full of abuse and is – by her own admission – unreliable and ready to bolt. Will she break his heart? Will she make him cry? I currently don’t have the wherewithal to find out. If she hurts him I will do myself a damage. I am also sure that CS Lewis said that if you don’t like a book then it’s ok to abandon it and that is good enough for me.

I think I may be living with too much else at the moment. Worry, sorrow, being completely pooped. I’m not sure and I know that I am certainly not alone. I am shaking my head at the news and, just when you think the levels of incompetence can’t go any lower (higher?), you suddenly find that they can.

So I have abandoned what is a beautiful book for now and bought the Andrea Shulman book about Clothes. AND it’s a hardback. AND I paid almost full-price. AND I flipping love it. At one point last night I was reading a chapter which started with her listing everything that was in her handbag. I love that kind of thing. Obviously, she doesn’t just say – this is a bag, this is a cardi, this is a skirt. She talks about trends, and craftsmanship and what certain items mean to her. I am very nosey. She likes a bit of a gossip and I appreciate that and I am enjoying it very much. If you’re shallow and you know it clap your hands!

If I understood self-care and all that, I would probably say this was an example of it. But, I’m just doing something I like and don’t feel I need to impress myself. That’s all. Anyone else the same?

Also – re Devs. We finished it and I almost understood it all. All I want to ask is (trying not to be spoilery) at the end is Sergei now going to be involved in the same bag over the head carry on or will that not happen again? Don’t expect you to know really. Thought it was good though.

Aged Parent is still doing well. Partly because she has never considered herself an old person. So when she says “This disease is running amok among the elderly”. She never for a moment considers that this might include her, which is a good way to be at the moment I think. She is very keen though that I don’t think that she is too happy or settled.

Me What have you been doing this afternoon.

AP I’ve been in the garden, we had a laugh

Me That’s nice.

AP Well I didn’t laugh too much. Don’t get carried away.


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