Sorting out stuff again. I think this is about 1966 or so. This was my little family then. Dad, Mum, me and Rosebud. (Rosebud is the doll – not my brother – he wasn’t born then. Although he did once try and change his middle name to Sparkly so he would probably be ok with the name). Apologies for the quality – it’s an old photo and it’s seen a lot of life. I think – even with the reduction in pictorial values, you can see that I was a stunning child – always beautifully turned out and a credit to my parents. By the way, you shouldn’t get the wrong idea. Despite appearances, I think it is unlikely that my parents were actually on speaking terms here – they usually weren’t. However – weren’t they gorgeous? Really good looking. I feel that Rosebud and I may be lowering the aesthetic tone a little. Now my father is ravaged by dementia and cancer and my mother has her own struggles – some of which I have documented here.

Again – I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong impression. I don’t really look back on this with much fondness (although I loved Rosebud very, very much). My father was a distant figure and AP and I have a “complicated” relationship. I think what surprised me about it most was that I remember it. I remember the photo being taken. And, cliched though it is I cannot believe where the time has gone.

I am a time waster. I don’t mean that I should spend every spare moment in noble pursuits that bring peace and harmony to the world. I can barely bring peace and harmony to my knicker drawer but I am aware of the time wasted reading stuff on my phone (not about Megan and Harry though – pages and pages in the papers and have you met one single person in real life who is bothered what they do?) But when I think of what I could have done from when this photo was taken to the present day I can feel quite defeated.

So, as an antidote to getting maudlin at Christmas and New Year (Not that I do obviously), I’m thinking of making a few changes. What’s the best way? Do people set targets? I’m not sure I would be very good at that. I always end up losing the exercise book I make the list in. But you don’t want it to be so wishy-washy that you think “What was I meant to be achieving this evening?” and then you can’t remember so you eat a Twix and play PS4 for six hours. (Again – not me equally obviously).

Lots of people I read have come up with words for the year. These are creative, organised people. I’m going to use “Redeeming” – the context being Redeeming the time from Ephesians. I think the King James Version has the edge here although I do like The Message talking about “Jumping out of your coffins.”

So I’m off now because I have important things to do. Because (klaxon) Vera is back!! Hurrah. I am off to mindfully watch it. Have a good week.



  1. January 13, 2020 / 6:37 am

    Redeeming is a GREAT #word366. Much underused IMHO. In this age of reduce/reuse/recycle we should be adding redeem to the list. I’d never read the Ephesians bit in The Message before. Brilliant! “don’t waste your time on busywork”… As Annie Domino creeps up on me, I’m increasingly conscious that I am well past the halfway mark in this earthly life – and there are no guarantees about how useful I will be in my “Eventide years”. So I should do what I can to redeem the time that I do have. Vera was enjoyable, and we’re watching Father Brown on catchup. Not 100% convinced about Grantchester. Feeling sorry for the Queen – poor woman gets hounded by the press even when she’s off to church to pray for guidance! Have a good week.

    • lesleyps91
      January 13, 2020 / 8:52 pm

      Loved Vera – as usual. Have never got into Granchester. When I first watched it everyone was having affairs with everyone else and I struggled to keep up

  2. January 13, 2020 / 4:29 pm

    I used to do my hair like that in the 60s, very elegant we thought at the time……
    I dont do ‘words’ as a guide, simply because I will never remember to live up to whatever I had chosen. I did one of the ‘tests’ to find one’s ideal word and mine was ‘Rest’. Yes. Please.

    • lesleyps91
      January 13, 2020 / 8:50 pm

      I remember my Mum doing it and it seemed like a lot of hard work – all that backcombing!

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