Adventures in downsizing

We have had a lot to do this week and have also chosen to lighten the mood even further by watching Chernobyl. I don’t know if you have seen this – we watched it on a DVD that FOW1 had bought for HOH’s birthday because we don’t have SKY. It is really excellent and I highly recommend. It’s not what you would call a laugh a minute but so cleverly done and totally devastating.

The great downsize continues. I have just waved off someone from the back door as they are carting off our chest freezer. (In exchange for forty of your English pounds – no liability accepted). One of the unexpected issues of selling off all the worldly goods we possess (well, at least the ones that won’t fit in the new place), is that, for an introvert, it can be very difficult. First of all, there are the negotiations. I’m not good at this kind of thing. I take every attempt to beat us down as a personal affront. For instance, we advertised a box of 100+ wooden coat hangers for £25 – a massive saving.

We then had a message on Facebook offering to “take them off our hands” for £15.00. My immediate reaction is to reply “Why would we do that? We have had fifteen messages through showing interest! £25 is a massive saving! MASSIVE! If they were for sale at £15 we would have posted them for £15! Donk!” Instead, HOH replied, “No, sorry.” This is obviously infinitely more mature and we have kind of mutually agreed that the member of our partnership with more acceptable social skills will be doing most of this in the future. It’s probably for the best. I think HOH is dreading letting me loose when we do a car boot sale.

Even Aged Parent has been forced into a bit of a clearout. We arrived on Saturday to a tale of falling over and being on the floor for nearly an hour (we worked it out, it was less than five minutes). However, even she realised that she needed to de-clutter a bit as she had gone flying over lots of clutter in her bedroom. Her big weakness is shoes. She loves a shoe. We must have moved ten carrier bags of them – various shapes and, unfortunately, various sizes.

Mum – these are size fives. They are two sizes too big.

They’re good shoes.

That doesn’t matter if they are two sizes too big

I can put a plaster on my heel.


She pulls that face that tells me that she may not be going for this, then HOH who is stoically sorting through the bags shouts from the bedroom. “Also, I can only find one of the pair AP!”

“Well, I suppose if you have to.” This is hissed through pursed lips and we can tell she isn’t happy. As a last gasp attempt, she pulls out a similar shoe.

“This is near enough isn’t it?”

There is then a brief but intense tug of war for the shoe which I win and, trying to muster up a last shred of dignity, I drill the offending shoes down into the rubbish bag. I am convinced that even her favourite mission charity shop will draw the line at odd shoes. AP is still unhappy and only cheers up when I make her a corned beef and tomato barm cake but think we can all relate to that. Have a great week.



  1. August 12, 2019 / 9:09 am

    Empathising – sitting here staring at large yellow Pokemon duck which had to come on holiday with us, due to my miscalculation listing it on ebay and forgetting the end of auction was after we left home. A “gamer” friend said “they go for £20, really popular” I offered it for half that. It is going to a CS in Norfolk soon. Using the local Internet sales forums, but like you, I can’t believe how some people haggle. My daughter is more relaxed than I am “I’ve had the use I wanted from this item, so now I can let it go and not worry about getting lots of money”. If AP has one odd black leather shoe, size 11, it may be the one my OH mysteriously lost in 2014. We finally threw away its bereft partner in 2015 when we moved house.

    • lesleyps91
      August 12, 2019 / 8:41 pm

      Haha. I cannot guarantee that if I offer her a size 11, she will not claim that it might fit if she puts a couple of socks on.

  2. Susan Santos
    August 12, 2019 / 12:47 pm

    I too am like you but better than my dear hubbie!! We have a small 33 year old camper van for sale and I have been amazed at some of the messages we have received, some just a number not even a £ sign!! What ever happened to messages along the line of ‘good morning, I wonder if you might accept an offer of £………….’. I am am completely stressed out over this sale never mind if I was moving house so much empathy coming your way!!

    • lesleyps91
      August 12, 2019 / 8:43 pm

      And a camper van is like a little home and you want people to value it and love it as much as you do, which is another reason that I am upset that no-one wants my huge (admittedly) old fashioned dining room table where we have squeezed together year after year and created so many memories. I have to learn to hold things in a much looser way.

  3. August 13, 2019 / 2:02 pm

    Can’t help wondering gently why AP actually had shoes that were two sizes too big??
    Selling things is horrible, people are very selfish and have no understanding of the history of our beloved objects.
    Have you thought about putting the table on Freecycle?

    • lesleyps91
      August 13, 2019 / 8:38 pm

      Size is not an important factor for AP when buying shoes. Firstly – are they “good shoes” then secondly are they a bargain?

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