I am never doing this again. That’s if we manage to do it now. Move house that is. According to solicitors/estate agents/self-taught experts, everything is going according to plan. According to us – the sky is about to fall.

I have deliberately not blogged because, believe it or not, the idea on here is to be fairly edifying or, failing that, at least keep the hysteria down to manageable levels. After all, life is full of genuine crises where people cannot put food on the table or are having their children snatched from them and put into camps and no-one likes a cry baby. BUT I am not a person full of perspective and clear thinking. Everyone told me that this was really stressful, and I didn’t believe them. I mean, surely, if you just keep going along steadily, it will all come good in the end. Yes? Ha!

Some of the stress I bring on myself. There is no need to act as if it is a personal affront when people question me on the possibility of damp. (There is some damp. The house was built in 1901. Every house on the road has the odd patch) When this happened I behaved as if someone is suggesting that the house is like a scene in The Creature from the Black Lagoon. I have, of course barely considered praying about it or anything like that. I have just read another book by Pete Greig about praying and he has talked again about bringing every small worry and thought to God because it is about the relationship in the end and God wants to be soaked in every bit of our lives and will never get bored and go away. I feel that if I came to him with every single worry/negative thought at the moment that I would test that theory to its absolute limit.

I’m trying to be nice to everyone obviously and Christian and serene and all “What Would Jesus Do?” but some people are pushing it. I’ll leave it there.

Anyway, I had some leave last week so we did various things for a bit of a break you know. We visited our children, went to IKEA (I know but it is MY stress relief and we went really early in the morning) and we took Aged Parent to Tavistock for the day. This was a wholly successful trip as far as she was concerned as it had the words Pannier Market in it. I have to be honest, most of the stuff there seems to be things that people have been trying to clear out of their attic since 1962 but to AP it was an Aladin’s Cave. I had to take some control – she really does have no need for shoes that are two sizes too big and I don’t care how many pairs of socks she will be wearing to “fill them out”. However, she bought a nice blouse (which we will never see again) and lots of DVDs because she likes a DVD in the evening. I tried to help her choose because she can get titles mixed up sometimes and also, she does like a thriller – especially quite tense ones. We went to see her at the weekend and asked if she had seen any of the films.

“Well yes, but your choice of The Girl on the Train was terrible.”

“I thought you would like it – it’s very tense.”

Well yes it is but I don’t know if you know but it is also a VERY SEXY film and I wasn’t happy with that kind of thing and was quite surprised at you.

(After having checked with Film Studies daughter am told that the film had its moments but was comparatively tame. Am now very concerned about exactly what film she was watching) It’s a trying time.



  1. July 31, 2019 / 7:13 am

    Empathising. Twice we have gone to a church who wanted to sell their existing (unsatisfactory) house and buy a new one for the minister and his family. Living through that was horrendous. I find that early morning visits to IKEA are stress reducing too. I particularly enjoy going into the lighting department and opening and closing those globe shades which look like Darth Vaders Death Star. Does AP like Hitchcock? Some of the remakes are quite good (eg Rupert penry Jones 39 steps, and Elliott Gould Lady Vanishes. I’m enjoying Pete Greggs The Prayer Course at Home Group. But not sure I understand the domino thing.

    • lesleyps91
      July 31, 2019 / 9:28 pm

      Love the Elliot Gould Lady Vanishes. There’s a lot of Pete Greggs stuff I like and a lot is a bit foreign country to me. I just read a bit when they commissioned two missionaries to Ibiza by crowd surfing them over the congregation’s heads. I would renounce my calling immediately if they tried that with me. The other plus of an early morning IKEA visit is a cheap but very good breakfast.

  2. July 31, 2019 / 8:57 am

    I’m reading your house move experience with fascination and apprehension… Sooner or later we will have to downsize, but we have been shoving stuff in the loft for 34 years and the offsprings still have not cleared their bedrooms even though they moved out 10 years ago.
    Maybe it will be easier to convert the dining room into an ensuite bedroom in due course and just abandon upstairs to the beetles and spiders?

    • lesleyps91
      July 31, 2019 / 9:23 pm

      Well, I don’t do spiders so that wouldn’t work for me. How about a couple of Spanish lodgers? Bung ’em in the kids’ rooms and learn a lovely language. Just don’t rush to downsize until you feel man enough.

  3. Sue
    July 31, 2019 / 7:09 pm

    Glad you are back-missed you.

    • lesleyps91
      July 31, 2019 / 9:21 pm

      Jolly decent of you to say so – thank you

  4. July 31, 2019 / 9:57 pm

    Not only did French Ikea do breakfast, but if you arrived before they opened there was a welcome cup of coffee and biscuit served on the doorstep! Having had two ikea kitchebs I can thoroughly recommend them.

    • lesleyps91
      July 31, 2019 / 10:21 pm

      Yes, we have an IKEA kitchen and it has been great. Have you ever had a French McDonalds? Completely different experience. Ours had a proper chicken breast instead of lots of random bits of chicken and lovely mayo. Someone said to me that the French would just not countenance what we put up with in a takeaway

  5. greta
    August 1, 2019 / 2:09 pm

    you have my sympathy. my husband and i moved house three years ago. even though our condo is only a few miles from our old house and we could move all the smaller bits ourselves, it was still quite an undertaking. the good thing was that it gave me the opportunity to get rid of a bunch of things that we no longer wanted/needed. since the move i have naturally added back more items to make our new place a bit more homely! sigh. the next move will probably be our last and that will be into some sort of sheltered housing so we’ll really have to downsize then. the thought makes me go a bit pale. i came across this little reading yesterday and it made me think of you and your current trials . . .

    “God desires and seeks the salvation of all. And He is always saving all who wish to be saved from drowning in the sea of life and sin. But He does not always save in a boat or in a convenient, well-equipped harbour. He promised to save the Holy Apostle Paul and all his fellow-travelers, and He did save them. But the Apostle and his fellow-travelers were not saved in the ship, which was wrecked; they were saved with great difficulty, some by swimming, and others on boards and various bits of the ship’s wreckage.”

    St. Ignatius Brianchaninov – The Arena

    surely that explains all the bits of wood and debris that i see floating around me?

    • lesleyps91
      August 1, 2019 / 9:08 pm

      That is excellent and very true I think. Thank you

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