The sun is peeking through the trees, people. Spring may be in the air. Hurrah!

There is a game going round on YouTube at the moment. In this game, YouTube Influencers (As they like to be called) ask people to send them messages. In these messages, they would like us to write our assumptions about said influencers. Now, you need only know the tiniest bit about The Internet to know that this is a risky request. People who can hide behind a name along the lines of Nastypieceofwork878 will be more than willing to tell you what they think of you. This is not a game for the faint of heart. Some of the kindest comments I have seen are

“Full of Yourself”

“Stinking Rich”

“You couldn’t care less about anyone but yourself”

Charmed – I’m sure. And these were nowhere near the most horrible. They weren’t all nasty. Some people had lovely things to say about YouTubers, but I’m not sure if I would like to know what a bunch of semi-strangers thought about me. I wonder why anyone would put themselves through that but I suppose that if you earn your living on there, then you have to keep up with the Jonses. To fall off the front page is to lose views and to lose views is a terrible, terrible thing. Apparently.

Good or bad though – it’s unlikely to be a very accurate appraisal. It is only ever going to be a snapshot and we only get a few clues. People are complex – moulded by life and circumstance. We are one thing one day and someone completely different the next.

I have started to read a book about David – writer of Psalms, basher of giants and taker of women (if she is married – easily remedied if you know people who will follow your every order when it comes to putting people in harm’s way) I’ll be honest. I have sometimes wondered what God saw in David to make him a man after God’s own heart. To me he sometimes seems a royal pain in the backside. Disobedient, scrappy, careless and unable to judge when to keep his mouth shut. Yet, in this book, the writer describes David as having a loveless childhood, alone in the fields with his sheep most of the time. He is the unwanted child of an older father in a house full of dispute and competition. Even when the Prophet Samuel came to town and asked to meet all his sons, it never occured to David’s father Jesse to include him. If David were living today, he would probably have had a social worker assigned to him because of the neglect he suffered. And the author said that this made him a fighter, it made him scrap in all areas of his life and I suppose it explains a lot of the terrible decisions he made in later years.

I think sometimes that I can be guilty of just seeing people in the Bible as cyphers – a blank outline that is there to teach me what I should and should not be doing. Yet these were people. In David’s case, a man abused, a lost soul who suffered rejection from his wife, bullying from his king and enforced separation from his best friend. Yet, he found God to be faithful through it all – steadfast, trustworthy and working on his behalf – it must have been a revelation. There may be a lot that I can learn from him but he was also a man with all that implies – flesh and blood with deep sorrow sometimes. I think sometimes it does me good to know that God is around to deal with real people – he is here to know real people – not what I should be or what I think he needs to see. Just me – as I am.

This week in Aged Parent World

AP Police have been. Six of them

Me Six? You don’t get six for close protection for a World Leader now.

AP Well possibly not six. Possibly two. Definitely more than one

Me OK. Everything alright?

AP Well my friend told the support worker that her boyfriend (one eye – nearly ninety, prone to fits) had thown a remote control at her head. Domestic violence you see.

Me Blimey. Did they arrest him?

AP No he ran off back to Dorchesterford.

Me Not even a place. Is your friend ok.

AP Oh yes she was fine. She was annoyed at the support worker for calling the police. You see she is twice his size and had thrown the remote straight back – nearly knocked him out. Now he’s run away and she’s got no one to do her shopping. Did you want that last custard cream?



    • lesleyps91
      March 20, 2019 / 10:23 pm

      Enough to adopt her?

        • lesleyps91
          March 21, 2019 / 9:34 pm

          Don’t worry – not holding my breath

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