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I don’t know if it is too late to be talking about New Year and resolutions etc. However, as it is still almost a week until the first pay-day of the year, it is technically still New Year for me and 2019 hasn’t really got going yet. It’s certainly cold enough for New Year. The photo above is the view from Aged Parent’s window and the sea that you can just spot in the distance is very wild because the wind is insane here. New Year means many things to many people. For me it means short term poverty (see above), for some – Slimming World, for others giving your new planner guilty side eyes because you really should consider doing some actual planning. If you spent any amount of time on Instagram over the New Year, you will have noticed the concept of “Mood Boards” and “Laws of Attraction” and “The Universe”.

If you live a normal balanced life and you haven’t seen any of these things, they are basically a tool for attracting good things or things you desire into your life. So, at the beginning of the year, you put a mood board together – usually, it seems by cutting photos out of magazines and sticking them on a big piece of cardboard. These things are photos of things that you want – a house in the country, a better job, a holiday in the Maldives etc. They are supposed to be things that are important to you and also, I think to The World. There seems to be a lot more photos of Dior dresses on these boards than there are images of World Peace or famine relief but there you are. I don’t necessarily think that there is anything wrong with making mood boards. I think they can make you focus your thoughts, crystalise what your life plans are and perhaps give you some clarity on what your actions need to be. I personally stopped sticking cuttings on chipboard when my mother explained to me that Tony Curtis was now much older than he appeared in Sparticus and it was time to move on.

Anyway, when you get this mood board you….er…I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what you do next but the idea is – I think – that this board uses the “Law of Attraction” to make the Universe send these things to you. Hurrah!

I have watched, enraptured, as a woman on YouTube has explained how this stuff really works and that “The Universe” has only good things for you. Well, the first thing I noticed was that she has terrible eyebrows and if The Universe thought that much about her, it might have supported her a little more in that department. So apparently Attraction Laws had given her a new house. I couldn’t help thinking that The Universe had needed the help of gullible people who paid for her wholeness courses to deliver the goods. Am I too cynical? Probably.

I don’t think I believe in The Universe. Not really. I mean I believe in The Universe obviously I just don’t belive in “The Universe”. (That doesn’t look as crystal clear as I hoped it would when I typed it). I think that all this Attraction palaver shows how desperate people are to believe in something – anything – bigger than themselves. John Lennon used to sing (at the end of a partularly long and boring song about what he didn’t believe in) that he just believed in “Me – Yoko and Me.” (BTW when he says “me” he doesn’t mean me – Martha in Plymouth – obviously he’d never heard of me. Just clearing that up). So he just believes in himself and Yoko. First of all that’s a lot of pressure on Yoko. And, though I bow to no man in my admiration for the man who wrote “I Saw Her Standing There”, I feel his faith in himself as an icon to build his life on may have been a little misplaced

So I ask myself what I believe in and I find that I believe in God. The God of the Bible to be precise. I think it is a bit more complicated than the Law of Attraction. For instance, I was interested to notice that Joyce Meyer seems to be rowing back on her “Prosperity Gospel”. This has to be a welcome move because otherwise, it just seems to me like “Law of Attraction” with a God beard. Faith is a complicated thing. If I’m just in it to get a holiday in Mexico or to have nothing ever go wrong, then I may be riding the wrong donkey. When I believe in God, I think I am aligning myself with a “being”. It’s about a relationship where I learn things – most of them above my pay grade. I am here to tell you that that it is sometimes very difficult and, to be frank, sometimes totally beyond me. And yet, it is like nothing I have ever known and I think that the last thing this is is a cosmic slot machine.

I’ll be honest, there are lots of times when I wish God was a bit more slot machiney and I got what I wanted when I asked but there you are. I am sitting watching a programme about Holocaust survivors. I am convinced that life and faith are more complex than pretending that I can convince a mystical force to give me stuff by sticking crappy photos onto a cornflake packet.


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  1. L.J.
    January 28, 2019 / 7:21 am

    I think that the lady on Utube lives a very shallow exisrence and has very little real substance to her life. I for one won’t be signing up to any of her “courses” !

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