If this is the last…

Sorry – not trying to be dramatic. This is a reference to an old David Cassidy song because of the documentary on BBC4 on Friday night. At eleven years old, I was probably more Team Michael than team David – posessing all the Jackson 5 records and not a single solitary Partrige Family one. However, facts is facts and that was a mighty fine face he had there and a girl in possession of eleven year old raging hormones was certainly happy to give it the respect it was due.

Anyway, the documentary was much sadder than expected, revealing that all he really wanted was to be Jimi Hendrix and that he just wanted to be loved by his dad. We got through the whole thing with just ten seconds of “I think I Love You.” and not even a nod to The Puppy Song. And I was hoping at least that Shirley Jones (his step-mum) might have been given a chance to belt out a few tunes from Oklahoma – but no. We just watched an old, ill man struggling with alchohol induced dementia.  

Speaking of last – this is my last book round up of the year as I am hoping to do the Pause in Advent. More of which later. I am currently reading the Nigel Slater Christmas Chronicles which was a present from last year but it had to be put swiftly to one side when the whole house developed throwing up-itus and reading about chocolate covered stollen was turning me green. It is a lovely book though. Not just descriptive about food but he writes so well about his garden, his travels and Christmas traditions. I would probably never make anything he describes as I am unlikely to win the pools anytime soon  – everything has about 300 ingredients –  but that doesn’t stop me appreciating his lovely world. 

Slightly more negatively, I didn’t finish the Elizabeth Goudge book. I know, I know – it must be me. All the elements were there – heartwarming, churches, whimsical, mysterious. But blimey, I found it boring. I may go back and do it again and them come back and apologise.

Then two quite different books that I really liked. Catherine Fox – Unseen Things Above. She is a really good writer I think. I do lose track of who is who sometimes but I think that is my age rather than her problem. It is set around a fictional C of E parish and all the goings on within. It can be a bit raunchy, although, actually, that’s not true. A lot is suggested but very little actually described if you get my meaning. If I have a teeny tiny criticism, we do seem to be quite short of hetrosexuals in the parish – especially those with decent relationships. However, her characters are all done well enough for you to bother about them and she is very clever at suddenly clobbering you over the head with the Grace of God and making you a bit wobbly. Lastly, Making Marion by Beth Moran. This an old school lovely book. I love books about people discovering themselves. Marion turns up at a camp site to try and find out more about her father. She is shy, lost and lonely but, miraculously, the camp-owner/manager – an American powerhouse called Scarlett, almost immediately takes her under her wing and helps her change – well everything really. There is a romance you see coming about eight pages in and also the inevitable ugly duckling transformation but I didn’t care. There are also some profound things said about forgiveness and the introduction of church and a vicar never jars. (Although these days vicars who DON’T wear cowboy boots and invite everyone to “Share” during the meeting are very rare birds) There is a brave and unexpected development which is handled beautifully and when I closed the book at the end, I found I was smiling. 

From next week I am, as stated earlier, hoping to join in the Pause in Advent over on Tracing Rainbows. This means that I will be writing about Christmassy things on the Sundays in December. I need to have a think about what I’ll be writing this year. Previous entries have included – favourite Christmas films (which I tried to look at from a deep and spiritual angle obviously) and also favourite Christmas paintings. I tried going all deep with an NT Wright Advent book last year but that went pear shaped. Anyway, hopefully will be able to come up with something to stand on the side of those desperately trying to drag Christmas back from the morass of Black Friday, the John Lewis advert and Wishing it could be Christmas every flamin day! (Do you though? Do you really?)

Before I go, went to Aged Parent’s yesterday and she was sorting out her presents.

Aged Parent        You should see what I bought for “Insert name of   friend with tight socks.” It’s lovely. It’s from H&M.

Me                         H&M? That’s quite posh isn’t it? Was it something   extra nice?

Aged Parent       Did I say H&M? I meant the hospice charity shop. It’ll do.

Have a great week. 



  1. November 25, 2018 / 8:51 pm

    Following your last book review I got the book and now my SIL had borrowed it (gardeners daughter) I have 3 half read books by my bed and cannot summon up enthusiasm for any of them. I gave Christmas Chronicles to my daughter last year, she had requested it. I read it first, a mother’s duty I feel. Very good. But replete with ingredients. Maybe it’s an unconventional diet book- you read it, your mouth waters, but there’s no way you can produce it with your own pantry staples so you just eat a ryvita instead…thanks for doing Pause. Have a good week x

    • lesleyps91
      November 25, 2018 / 9:47 pm

      I have a couple of books I have just left alone. They stare at me balefully from the bedside table. Was it CS Lewis who said we should never feel guilty about not finishing a book?

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