Leaving the House

Hullo. Hope all is well and you have had at least some sunshine during what is probably a sunburst caused by some kind of nuclear fallout, but never mind eh. In England, we have had a few days of unexpectedly high temperatures along with sunshine. I am sorry if it is not like that where you are. Mind you, we live very near to the coast and did wake up one morning to swirling mists and foggy conditions that would not have disgraced the opening scenes of the Hound of the Baskervilles. Never fear though – the “unsettled” conditions are due to return next week. *sighs and rescues cagoule from under pile of coats*

Last weekend was exciting – we left the house and got on a train. We went to Bath, specifically to see a play. What flibberty-gibbets we are. The play was Mary Stuart, a modern-ish rewriting of the story arc of Elizabeth 1 and Mary Queen of Scots which doesn’t end well for at least one of them. (Spoiler) It was really quite something. I have been a bit underwhelmed by modern translations but this was fantastic. The cast wear modern dress and there are no breeches or ruffs – although Elizabethan dress is used once in the play to devastating effect. One of this play’s “things” is that, before the play starts, a coin is tossed to decide which actress plays which of the two lead roles. So Juliet Stephenson and Lia Williams must learn both parts as if they were their own – which is impressive. I checked and Juliet Stevenson is 61. I am still a bit younger than that and I have lost count of the amount of times that I have got to Aldi and been unable to remember all three things on my shopping list.

We also visited Bath Abbey which was beautiful. We got to see the Bath Diptychs – an amazing work by Sue Symons. It is the story of Jesus told through illustrations and embroidered panels. It’s not there all the time but we got to see the Easter section and it was a flippin privilege. Jesus is represented by a white dot in the embroidery panels – sometimes diminishing through Holy Week  – even disappearing after the crucifixion – it’s very striking.

I also helped Aged Parent go though her copious collection of DVDs. I think the word is eclectic. Jesus of Nazareth and Daniel O’ Donnell jostle for position with zombie movies and westerns which she is very fond of. She is also very keen on Kevin Costner so we are thinking of buying her a copy of Dances with Wolves which would make her explode with happiness.

I am off now to watch the BBC adaptation of Woman in White. I’m not sure how bothered they are but there is a lot of pressure on the BBC here. This is one of my favourite books. Ever. This better be good. Have a good week.



  1. April 23, 2018 / 7:06 am

    The play sounds awesome. The embroidery interests me, must check that out. Has AP discarded unwanted DVDs yet? I can recommend Ziffit , they buy them off you, and you can use the money for new ones, or give it to charity.

    • lesleyps91
      April 24, 2018 / 8:09 pm

      You would love the embroidery. Beautiful detail. Problem is – it’s not there all the time so check out if you are thinking of going.

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