Is it STILL January?

In the words of the group Pilot in their 1975 song “January” – can I say – “January, sick and tired you’ve been hanging on me.” (Or something similar. I’m not sure, I never liked it.) Still you get the idea. Will this month never end?

Before I get into full rant/catch up mode, can I just say thank you to those who shared similar experiences about the care of elderly parents. It has been truly life changing – no really – for once I am not exaggerating. To hear that others have guilt and exhaustion and also that, it ain’t necessarily so, all this “well it certainly is your total burden!” vibe. It has really helped. Thanks again.

I have done very little this month apart from get though it. I am afraid I have not been able to “claim the victory” hardly at all. Unless by “claiming the victory” you mean not going insane. It’s long isn’t it January? We got paid early in December so payday is not with us yet. I managed to be quite frugal for a couple of weeks but now would like some new mascara. I seem to be regaining the weight that I lost during the unfortunate sickness events over Christmas, as I believe I predicted. (Probably quite a lot to do with Walnut Whips)

We have had a few visits to hospital with Aged Parent so we have been in the eye of the storm NHS wise. For what its worth, I think these nurse and doctor and admin type heroes deserve lots more money for themselves and lots more money invested in the work that they do. The NHS is certainly chronically underfunded as any fule kno. Couple of leeetle things to point out though. Firstly, I do think the admin/management probably does need a shake up. The appointment system in a couple of departments we have been to is the most bobbins thing I have ever seen and, to be frank, would not be tolerated anywhere else. Also, I know that NHS staff are really under pressure and I love them like they are my own. In fact one of them is my own dear HOH and know how hard he works. It’s just that sometimes, some NHS staff act as if they are the only busy people in the world. Know what I mean?  I know it’s difficult but is it really necessary for you to bite my head off in three different languages because I have called to check Aged Parent’s appointment time? Ask yourself, did it make you feel good? And, in return, I then felt I needed to put you right on a couple of things because, as I say, you are not the only person under pressure and so neither of us felt good by the end of the call did we? Hmm.

I managed to drag my miserable personage to the pictures though and I would just like to highly recommend “The Post” It’s a sort of prequel to “All the President’s Men” and it is about what happened when the US government tried to stop the newspapers printing details of reports that proved that successive US governments had been lying about the Vietnam War. It’s very tense (even though I knew the end) and beautifully played. Meryl Streep is excellent as the newspaper owner – initially cowed by the sexism she encounters but gradually finding her voice. Spielberg produced a brilliant scene where she walks into a room full of men in dark suits and is completely intimidated. Streep plays it perfectly and you see her grow in front of your eyes. I think sometimes, because it’s the Meryl Streep, we take her for granted. She has had an Oscar nomination but the smart money is possibly on Sally Hawkins who plays a woman who sleeps with a sea monster. (Look, don’t ask me. I don’t write ’em. It might be good)

So keep going. My plan is early nights, books, the occasional candle, The Crown, Darkest Hour, Alternating Double Deckers and Twirls and the odd medicinal whisky. T’will all be fine and don’t forget your brolly.



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