Priorities and Friends

You know my trouble? Priorities. I am unable to prioritise. Or, to clarify, I am unable to prioritise as an adult. I am sure I would be much less frazzled if I just put the essential, grown up things first and then fitted in the frippery later. My big problem with this is that I would rather do the frippery. For example, looking at the next few days it is busy – probably not as busy as the rest of you but busy for me. (I was wondering the other day, how I used to make Christmas happen when small children were involved – respect to you all) However, if I split the main things I have on my plate into essentials or not essentials…..


  • Complete food shop online
  • Go to work
  • Meal plan
  • Wrap presents
  • Buy presents

Non essentials

  • Go to panto with family
  • See The Princess Bride at cinema in new print
  • Go to third carol service
  • See Star Wars within 48 hours of release

So obviously, you look and you think she could lose the second list and that’s what I keep thinking but if I look again

  • Go to panto with family (Love local pantos – usually laugh like elephant coughing)
  • See The Princess Bride (I love it and if you go to these sorts of things, maybe film people will make more of these and less killer zombie movies)
  • Go to third carol service (Three may be a bit excessive but this one has the candles and the lessons and the stuff)
  • See Star Wars within 48 hours of release (Non-negotiable)

The top list may be essential, looking at the second lot though, although I don’t need to do them, I am going to. (Do them that is) Because they are things I love. I get to spend time with great people often laughing till snot comes down my nose and, once I get going, I am really glad I made the effort.

Besides, you have to be grateful if you have nice friends to go to nice things with. Aged Parent is having a few problems with her friend at the moment (She of the “Excessive sex drive” and the Deputy Dawg hat) Apparently last weekend she had her “boyfriend” round. I say boyfriend – it is a man she met through Chat Magazine. Anyway at 5am Aged Parent was woken by her chum banging on her door and shouting “He’s having a fit! He’s having a fit!” And indeed he was so an ambulance was called. And, as is often the way, the involvement of health professionals meant that a little more of the “boyfriend’s” background came to light.  So, later that day, as Aged Parent and her friend shared some tea and restorative Custard Creams, AP nodded sagely as her friend said

“Well it turns out, he has a long criminal record, deep-seated mental health problems, huge debts and a gammy leg. I’m not sure I can see any future in the relationship.”

“Well of course. It’s probably for the best” says AP. She is somewhat taken aback as her friend muses aloud

“I know. I’m not sure I can cope with his epilepsy.”





  1. December 14, 2017 / 9:04 am

    Sitting here , waiting for the inevitably late Carer .soothing an unwell husband, and actually finding something to laugh about. Thank you.

    • lesleyps91
      December 14, 2017 / 9:16 pm

      Such a lovely thing to say. Praying for you

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