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I’m late I know – sorry about that. I have been to that there London to the Premier Digital Conference (see above for proper professional type menu) so it has made me late. The first thing to say is that London actually and truly hates me. For the second time in a month the line I wanted to use on the Underground was closed for repairs – not even the same line that was closed for repairs last time either! So look me in the eye and tell me that London isn’t actually out to get me. So by the time I got to the destination I couldn’t actually find the door and was just about to run off and watch Blade Runner in the Barbican when a kind doorman took pity on me and took me in.

I’m not sure that most of the event was actually aimed at me, being a solitary kind of blogger, but it was certainly full of inspiring moments. Churches seem to be quite suspicious about the digital world – the place I attend at the moment doesn’t seem to have any kind of Facebook or Twitter presence for instance but, if used properly, it can be a powerfully GOOD THING.

I listened to a team who are making Sunday mornings accessible for the elderly and the disabled through use of the Internet (I would say here that this is ok so long as every effort is made to make sure people are also kept in contact with your actual physical people as well) Also, there was a pastor who has had a Facebook post that had over 230,000 views. This is probably more to to do with the content which was about a man dying and going to heaven and then coming back, than it was about any particular digital skills but you get the point.

The thing I liked the most thought was when a lady from the Church of England said that the digital world gave people a “soft entry” into church. I think that this is very true. People’s communities are different these days. They don’t grow up around a church the way people used to. If you were interested in church you might not know where to start but if you can put the name into a website, you can find out a bit more. You can maybe see some faces of attenders or leaders, download a sermon and, hopefully if the church has done its job properly, you can find out how to get in touch if you are thinking of attending. It can be very helpful for the newbie.

Because of some administrative oversight, I did not seem to be in the running for Blogger of the Year – possibly because no-one had nominated me which was just as well as I had already booked my tickets, so I got the train home and was immensely comforted to find that I had forgotten that I had booked First Class to come home.

We have had a slightly difficult week because Aged Parent has had her annual chest infection, made worse by her refusing to go to the doctors for antibiotics because the “man downstairs” (think she meant on the ground floor of the flats rather than anyone with pointy horns) had seen on the news that they aren’t giving them out. Therefore the infection had taken hold by the time her GP told her that the antibiotic embargo did not include 80 year olds with advanced COPD. She is on the right side of everything now thankfully – eating like a horse while insisting she is only nibbling. We knew she was recovering when she was chatting in a full on sort of way with the paramedic. If you’ve never seen a Senior Citizen flirting powerfully through a nebuliser mask you haven’t lived.

I am off to London again tomorrow – for work this time. If you would like to get in touch to ask for my route so you know which tube lines to avoid – give me a shout.


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  1. November 7, 2017 / 7:16 am

    Safe journey. It sounds like the conference was worth the hassle of the journey. We seem to be getting quite a few people following our church Facebook page, including a number who have posted questions about events we are running. If we can use the Internet to introduce people to our best friend, then let’s do it!

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