That There London (again)

To London again for work this time. I am getting slightly better at that there London now but I am still learning. These are some of the things I have learnt this time.

  1. Although, at first glance it may have seemed sensible to book your hotel near to the railway station because it would be quite late when you arrived. It may have been wiser for the hotel to be on the main road. That way, you wouldn’t have to walk down back streets, passing men in smoking Turkish cigarettes in shop doors, looking like they have killed before.
  2. The Tube is a wonderful thing but it takes longer than you think – especially if – like me – they seem to pull the shutters down on the line you need as you are walking towards it. It is therefore not a “Good Thing” to get distracted by statues of Mountbatten or possible herons in St James’ Park. (See above)
  3. Mobile phone earphones are very very marvellous. All those years struggling to hear the man on Google Maps shouting directions and suddenly I discover that if you plug earphones in – you can hear everything and you don’t end up on street corners facing the wrong way and wondering who moved The Institute of Engineers.
  4. I must try and look at my diet when I am away. After countless sandwiches on the run, I found myself craving hot food on Paddington Station. Options were limited so I bought a Burger King Chicken Sandwich. A Burger King! I haven’t eaten there for 60 years! At least. It was rubbish as well. I don’t know how all these international jet setters keep their diet fairly healthy.

Anyway, all back safe and sound now until Exeter on Friday but that is much more manageable. Hopefully.

Just a couple of things to tell you about. We went to the flicks a couple of times this week. Firstly to see the Thor movie. (It’s called something else but I can’t remember what – if you are bothered enough, I know you can look it up) It was really good, very funny. I have to admit that I didn’t know who half the people in it were supposed to be (it’s Marvel – it’s a whole universe) but I really enjoyed it. And all human life should have Jeff Goldblum annotating it. He may well be the funniest man alive and I’m not even sure if he means to be.

Can I also recommend Murder on the Orient Express? I have to say first that I love Kenneth Branagh and all his works but ignore that. For me this was probably always going to be a winner because of the Branagh factor and the Agatha Christie thing and I love those 70s movies where you recognised everyone but the cat. Some of the more highbrow critics have been a bit sniffy about it saying that there is no characterisation. Bah! There are approximately 58 suspects stuck on a train – we would be there all day. It’s beautiful to look at, it rattles along, everyone seems to be having a lovely time and it is that most old fashioned of things – a family film. For some reason it’s really Christmassy as well. Take the family on a family Christmassy night out.

Finally, can I ask? When does Advent start? I have got a book on Advent and it starts with Week 1 which is no help to me. Is there a start date or do I have to count back? Any help gratefully received. I thank you.



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      November 9, 2017 / 8:54 pm

      Thank you v much

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