Groovy Podcast of the Week

I don’t know if you do Podcasts (Not even sure if it is all one word) but I just wanted to point this out to you. I am quite new to Podcasts. I usually only bother with the Mayo/Kermode Film one and Fighting Talk both from Radio 5 Live but there are apparently a wealth of amazing ones out there. All suggestions are gratefully received as usual. Mid-faith Crisis is a Christian one run by Nick Page and Joe Davies who basically just chat about faith matters. I wouldn’t say that I was in a mid-faith crisis particularly (please don’t write to my mother) but some things they talk about really do hit home for me so maybe I am – who knows? I think they have been surprised by the response there has been to the podcast. It is basically for people who are in a place in their Christian life where they are asking questions about what they believe and there seems to be a lot of people out there feeling like that.

I wouldn’t say that I agreed with every single word they say (there is a bit of an obsession with the feminine side of God but I never saw God the Father as a particularly male trait anyway – he has always been God to me – I have never really had to gender him either way. That’s not explained very well but I know what I mean) However, they seem to be lovely gentle blokes who listen to lots of different points of view and come back with a lot of wisdom. I like the way they are full of hope. Wherever people find themselves, they are confident that God has a place for them – just as they are. They are also very funny. If you are well on the side of Mrs Flushpool – this may not be for you but if you are looking for a listen every fortnight where people who are finding a different way to God or even struggling to reach him at all can share their thoughts without fear of judgement, this is well worth a listen.


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