Being as helpful as Paddington

Busy ain’t it? Is everyone else the same? And it’s nothing to do with Christmas. I haven’t even thought about that – at all. To be fair – I don’t think it will take much organising. We are all very old now and the offspring would rather have money. We have even got an artificial tree (Next Sale – last year) for the first time since the kids were crawling. I’ve not really adjusted to it yet. It is sensible and everything but I just keep thinking about getting it out of the box and it being – well artificial. HOH says that if I need to come to terms with┬ánot having a real Christmas Tree, then my priorities are very skewed indeed. Cue long lecture about expense, needles in the dog’s paws, not being the one who has to drag it back from the garden centre and real life not being anything like When Harry met Sally. Blah!

I am more exercised by Aged Parent having a new kitchen fitted. Everyone in her flats is having one. I am thinking that whoever fitted the kitchen round Nigella’s house was probably under less pressure than the poor beggars fitting one round Aged Parent’s. She has got the fitters’ mobile from somewhere and keeps pestering them. When are they starting? What will they do with her fridge freezer? Will she need to move the cooker herself? Do they know how to fit cupboard doors? It won’t be like her friend’s will it because she is not too keen on that. (She signed off on the design weeks ago) When I was at Secondary School, I had a French exchange student to stay. She came from a very strict Catholic background and the excitement of being free for a fortnight meant that a lot of local boys found that they were the object of plenty of unwanted attention. In the end, I had a phone call from a boy in my class, basically asking if I could call her off. I am expecting the same kind of phone call from the kitchen fitters any day now.

I went round last week and cleared out her kitchen cupboards so the fitters can get going. This involves her standing behind me suspiciously and periodically shouting “NO! I NEED that. I really do.” Who needs eight vases? (For once – not an exaggeration) At the weekend I am clearing out the freezer ready to be moved. If I find Lord Lucan in little vacuum sealed packs I will not be surprised. HOH claims that he is working and cannot help. I am thinking of phoning the hospital to check that he didn’t “volunteer” to take someone else’s shift. I will be treating myself to pizza, wine and football on Saturday night for I shall deserve it and no-one better think about lecturing me on how many calories that is.

On a more positive note – can I just recommend Paddington 2? It is so lovely. Firstly it is beautiful to look at and it is very funny. Paddington still gets into trouble all the time but brings such joy that everyone falls under his spell in the end. Hugh Grant gives one of the performances of his career – seriously. You know when Oscars come round they will go to some la-di-dah actory-type person who plays someone with something wrong with them (mental illness, life limiting stuff, trauma etc) in which they cough a lot and pluckily overcome insurmountable odds. But Hugh will not get a mention because it’s comedy which anyone can do (really?) and it is light as air. Well, (1) thank goodness for that – I could do with a bit of light as air at the moment and (2) There is as much care and hard work goes into that type of performance as anything else out there. Just a little warning, if you can do without children in your cinematic experience, then leave this a couple of weeks. It was packed to the drawstrings with the blighters when we went. I don’t mind it myself – even if a few of them get a bit bored about a third of the way though and started doing cartwheels at the front. It all adds to the general gaiety. Vote Hugh Grant! (And pray for me on Saturday – “You will never eat monkfish vol-au-vents! Get rid of them!”)



  1. November 16, 2017 / 9:51 am

    Takes me back to the day when my dear mother had a chimney lining fitted in her fireplace long after it should have been done. The man managed to go through the wall into her neighbour’s bathroom. Thank goodness his insurance was top rate. But oh, the panic/to-do/angst …..
    I would love to see Paddington.

  2. lesleyps91
    November 19, 2017 / 8:35 pm

    D day is Monday. We are bracing ourselves

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