June Books

This is the June plan in the reading department, all being well. As usual, it’s a mix of charity shop, second hand and a couple of new. I have cheated and have done a couple anyway and am on my third. I have a carry – over from last month which is the Tim Keller one. I’m not sure what it says about me that the only book from my pile that I didn’t manage to read last month was the Christian one. I’m sure it’s nothing good.

So from the top…

Two CP Snows. Found on a second hand book stall on London’s South Bank which makes me seem impossibly glam. But it’s true!! That is where I found them. A fiver for the two which is a bit more than I would usually pay for second hand but they are 1960s editions and dead gorgeous and I have gone all completist about the Strangers and Brothers series. Am reading “Homecomings” at the moment and am not bothering about reading them in any order because I have read them all before. 

Out of Sorts – Sarah Bessey. Author of Jesus Feminist. Nice lady finding her way through church struggles. Should tell you all you need to know.

The Soldier, the Gaoler, the Spy and her Lover. Simon Parke. Historical Fiction. If I tell you that the soldier is Oliver Cromwell and the Lover is Charles I you will get the idea. Read this pretty quickly. Interesting and quite sad. Liked it a lot.

The Crime at Black Dudley – Marjory Allingham. First in this crime series which I intend to read through. Actually this book was a bit weak I thought, because apparently, Ms Allingham had not, at this stage decided that Campion was going to be the hero of her books. The hero in this was a bit dull I found – I thought his fiancee was the murderer for most of the book, so I missed the whole point. Hopefully more Campion in the next one.

Ink. Alice Bradshaw. Can tell you nothing about this. Young Adult Fiction – Something to do with tattooing your life on your skin. Will report back.

Quiet – Susan Cain. A book about Introverts which I am just starting. Am dead interested in what people have to say about introverts – especially in the church where I am beginning to be a bit suspicious of the prevailing thought that people who don’t want to spin on their heads have something wrong with them and need sorting. As you can see I am very early on in this thought process. The author has put five years of study into this book and sometimes it shows. It’s not a light read but I am finding myself nodding in agreement quite a lot. (I am also finding myself muttering – “I have no idea what you are talking about” quite a lot as well)
There is is. Thank you for your attention. June already. Shocking isn’t it?


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