Reporting back

I did say, for those of you that were paying attention, that I would report back on “doing” this book through Lent. First though, a couple of things
Thank you for all your comments on the last blog about Jesus and Tesco. I didn’t comment on any of them, partly because I couldn’t think of anything to say and partly because every time I wrote about it, I just got a bit more worked up – so I left it alone. Your support was appreciated though. 
Also, on a less impressive note – did anyone watch Maigret? I haven’t read any of the books so I have to admit that I have no background knowledge on this. I stuck with it for an hour and a bit and then decided to go off and watch some paint dry instead. I prefer Vera. You know where you are with Vera. Someone dies a terrible death in the wind and the cold. Vera comes along and calls a lot of people “pet” while eating pasty and chips. She invariably calls the wrong person into the interview room and accuses them of murder – “I think you did it pet”. Then she has a flash of inspiration where she suddenly spins round and asks one of her interchangeable minions to check something and lo and behold! It is sorted. None of this is a criticism. Vera is ace. Better than watching Rowan Atkinson trying to look deep and French and, Lord help us, sexy and smitten at one point. Anyway – Mr Cheekbones is back in Granchester next week. 
Back to the job in hand. The Wilderness Within You by Pen Wilcock had a reading for each day of Lent. It imagined a visit by Jesus to the author – an ordinary person with a job, living on a housing estate, just normal really. There are conversations and questions. The author has to deal with the fact that if Jesus is talking to you, he knows exactly how you really feel about something so, sometimes, things are more transparent than she would like. What really came over to me was the person of Jesus. The way he sees things, how he feels about us and the depth of his personality. I liked it a lot. I did a read it every day and it was easy to stay with it. HOH read a few chapters a day (he’s a very contrary person) and he was writing down bits from it because it described how he felt. It turns out that Jesus is a practical sort with lots of ideas about how we can help ourselves a bit. I know it’s a long way off but next Lent – if you are looking for something – this is good. (Actually, coming over all Puritan, you could just do it as daily readings – you don’t have to attach it to Lent – let yourself go!)



  1. April 17, 2017 / 4:09 pm

    Bought on your recommendation. I found it very readable, non preachy and in places extremely thought provoking.

  2. April 17, 2017 / 4:34 pm

    Thank you for the book review, looks worth checking out. Maigret was disappointing. Je suis tres desolee, as we used to mumble in French lessons. Even Vera would have been brighter. I usually find her quite glum, and working derives why she makes that odd "Hm?!" noise. But next week we have the young Robert Runcie to look forward to, and Robson Green sans fishing rod. That has to be better!!

    • April 17, 2017 / 6:55 pm

      This is the third Maigret I have tried and it's not working for me. Next week Granchester and The Durrells – bliss

    • April 17, 2017 / 9:18 pm

      OOOh, the Durrells, coming back?? I hadn't caught up with that. Something to look forward to .

    • April 18, 2017 / 6:25 pm

      Yep – sure I saw it and Mrs Durrell was on Graham Norton last week

  3. April 19, 2017 / 8:17 am

    Glad you liked it. Oh, Maigret! I enjoyed the first one and looked forward to this, but found it profoundly disappointing because the characters and relationships were implausible and stereotypical. It came across to me as a very male egoic fantasy. Irritating indeed. But I love Vera.
    Department Q, by contrats, is gripping. Well – I say that – I actually have to have big chunks of the stroy relayed to me by my family as I sit with my face in my hands because I can cope with neither the sex nor the violence. But the bits I saw were good. And then when we watched our DVD of Rogue One last night – oh look! – there was Assad!

    • April 19, 2017 / 8:04 pm

      Yes, HOH loves Dept Q but he says "It's not for you Sweetie" The man knows my limitations.

  4. April 23, 2017 / 3:07 pm

    I agree regarding Maigret. Very gloomy and, well, just meh!

    • April 24, 2017 / 6:08 am

      Yes, don't think I will bother with it again. He's no Morse!

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