I wouldn’t have thought you were old enough!

So I am now officially no longer the mother of children. Not that I am no longer a mother but now it’s adults all the way as the FOW2 has just celebrated her 21st birthday. 
Now there is a strong school of thought that says “Adult is as adult does.” or, put another way “You are only as old as the adult you behave like.” (Neither of those are right I think but you get the gist.)
Both offspring exhibit many admirable qualities but there is still a bit of a skill gap in the adult department as far as I am concerned. Both of them struggle to help their clothes make the arduous journey from their wash baskets to the washer without prompting. Both seem to think ironing is  a mug’s game. Unless Yours Truly is the mug by giving in and doing their ironing to show them how much nicer their clothes are when a nice pressing has happened.
We have all had a lovely weekend celebrating. Friday night was a meal with Aged Parent which was fine when we eventually sorted it.

Aged Parent………..”Are we having a meal for the birthday?”

Me…………………….”Yes, FOW would like to go for an Italian”

Aged Parent………..”Well she should have what she wants – it’s her birthday. But I don’t like Italian, the onions double me up.”

Me…………………….”I know so we are going out separately with you for some nice Fish and Chips.”

Aged Parent………..”So I won’t come out on her birthday”

Me…………………….”No, because she wants Italian.”

Aged Parent…………”Well she should have Italian. It’s her birthday   but I can’t eat Italian”

Me……………………….Through gritted teeth “I know. Therefore etc etc.”

In the end – she came out for Fish and Chips, polished the whole lot off with extra bread and butter, returned home after having a great time and then rang next day to tell us the the batter had doubled her up. At the moment FOW is avoiding having her boyfriend in the same room as AP for too long in case he thinks that’s how we all are secretly.
It’s cliche, I know but just where does the time go? They are just wandering around on chubby legs, hiding Lego in the video recorder and then suddenly they are writing essays on Film Noir. Sometimes mothering children has been the most satisfying part of my life. At other times, nothing has made me feel more inadequate. Either way – it has been a privilege. Here’s to the next set of “Interesting Parenting Challenges”



  1. April 24, 2017 / 9:10 pm

    The one thing I have learned about being a mother is that no matter how old they get, you never stop worrying about them.

    • April 25, 2017 / 5:10 am

      I am certain that is correct and I am certain Aged Parent would agree

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