Just a little summing up of the Oscars as you do. Most of the films I liked didn’t win much which is probably tells you a lot about my life.

Oscar night used to be a pretty big deal in our house because we go to the flicks quite a lot and it used to be a flippin good laugh when Billy Crystal did it. Now Sky have it and we don’t usually get to see it but FOW1 had bought NOW TV for a month to watch the football so we got to have a look. Jimmy Kimnel, who I get mixed up with Jimmy Fallon, seems to have done ok as the host. He seemed fine but I wouldn’t go a bunch on him as my old Nana used to say.
So Moonlight won Best Picture but I can’t help you with that I’m afraid. I haven’t seen Moonlight so far, partly for the childish reason that when someone tells me that something is the “Best Film Ever Made in the history of anything – EVER and that anyone who doesn’t like it and see it is basically useless” I tend to put my money back in my pocket. I’m just a bit contrary that way. Also I think I will struggle a bit with the bullying of the little boy. I’m not very good with that. I dunno – I might see it. 
I never quite understand it when Best Director doesn’t go to the person who directed the Best Film – maybe they think you have had enough awards. But it went to Damien Chazelle (La La Land) who has a name which suits being the director of a musical I think. A lot of people I know will be disappointed that La La Land didn’t win – especially those who go to the pictures rarely and went because, for once, they found a film that they liked and could get on board with. I wasn’t thrilled with La La Land personally but I know what they mean. 

Emma Stone, who seems like a lovely person, won for Best Actress but, for me, it should have gone to Natalie Portman for Jackie – she was amazing. Casey Affleck won Best Actor for Manchester By the Sea which was all good and correct – he was astonishing. My favourite film of the year “Arrival” won very little. I think it got an award for “Best Noise Made When You Rattle A Stick In A Bucket” or something. I don’t understand the technical awards.

The biggest hoo-ha seemed to be because someone put the wrong card in an envelope and the wrong name was read out. This was corrected within about 15 seconds. Anyone who has ever got on the bus and tried to show the driver the wrong ticket will understand that this is an easy mistake to make. The difference is that normal people get over these things very quickly. As far as fancypants showbiz people are concerned – it seemed like the end of days. I am assuming that heads will roll. Ah Hollywood, what are you like.



  1. February 28, 2017 / 9:06 am

    Big blow to one's ego, don't you know.

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