Northern Returns

We have been away, Now we are back. The undeniable climax to Aged Parent’s 80th birthday celebrations was a return to her northern roots – for a few days at least. With the dog safely ensconced at home with FOW1 for a few days, we climbed into the car and began the five hour trundle to Bolton. We were a bit worried about Aged Parent in the leg department – what with the Arthritis and everything but we found that liberal application of Tramadol sorted all that out. (Please don’t write to Age Concern. It has all been legitimately prescribed)
I may or may not have mentioned that Aged Parent has a sister. She is a few years older than AP but otherwise a carbon copy of her. It is, I think, written somewhere in Leviticus, that two such similar people, when left in close proximity to each other for a few days will inevitably clash. This will always happen – no matter how much they adore one another.  We dropped Aged Parent off with Aged Sister and went off to meet some very nice friends. When we returned the next day, it appeared that they had been re-enacting the film “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” There was a great deal of moaning and groaning about each other – most of it though was under-breath grumbling so neither of them could hear the other one doing it. We had arrived to take Aged Parent to our old church, giving her the opportunity to meet some friends. We were all taken aback when Aged Sister – who has never shown any interest in Christianity – announced that she thought she would like to come as well.
We arrived at church with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in tow and were warmly greeted at the door by the dreaded words – “How lovely to see you. You know it’s the Youth Service don’t you?” For the uninitiated – the Youth Service involves flashing lights, driving beats, jumping up and down and high-fiving – all the while informing ourselves and each other how awesome we all are. It’s fine and dandy for young people. Not so much for two octogenarians , who sat at the back wondering what was going on. Still, it gave Aged Sister something to think about. 
The next few days were taken up with meeting friends and relatives (see above) which they seemed to enjoy and constant bickering which they also seemed to enjoy. 
Anyway, when we set off home and it occurred to them both that they may not see each other anytime soon – they promptly burst into tears. Which was nice. As for me and HOH we planned in a cheeky little trip to Ikea on the way back. It all was, as the young people say, win, win.



  1. February 13, 2017 / 10:07 pm

    That's somehow rather sweet.

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