Arrival – No, not the Abba Album

Just calling in to tell you about this film. It’s called Arrival and it is utterly brilliant. I would go as far as to use the word profound. It’s difficult to describe it without spoilers but I can tell you that these alien pods land all over the world. So far so the same as every alien invasion film ever made – er EVER. But no! Come back! They have things to tell us and they don’t want to zap us with squirty guns or suck out our eyeballs. It is a slow, sad (sometimes almost unbearably sad) story with a whip smart twist that made me gasp. It also has a power to make you re-examine your own life. I haven’t found anyone that didn’t love it.

Before I leave, let me share with you one of the moments when I realised that old people will always be beyond me, 

Aged Parent *in more or less one breath* “So I said to Rose, I think she died this morning and Rose said that she hadn’t heard and then Diane came to the flat and she said come and sit with me Beryl because she was really upset obviously. then Charlotte came upstairs but she had a shocking cold so I made her go back down but Diane is going to the Christmas meal with me and she is coming with me to have my hearing aids fitted although- like I said to Stan I don’t feel deaf.”

Me *taking advantage of a gasp for breath* “Mum – would you like to have a look at the new B and M next Saturday?”

Aged Parent “That would be very nice. I often go for days in this place without seeing or speaking to anyone.”



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