Several worrying signs of ageing to report at the moment. I decided to treat myself to an Amplified Bible. It was only a couple of quid on Amazon but I didn’t take the time to check the dimensions. When it arrived, it was nice and compact. Unfortunately, I can hardly read it! Well, that’s not strictly true. We have a magnifying glass knocking about and I can read it if I use that but it’s a bit embarrassing on the bus!
I have also noticed more and more that I make a noise when I sit down – a sort of oompf noise. 
Worst of all, this has been joined by the problem with my chin. A bristly type problem. This is like a Job sort of thing for me – that which I feared most has come upon me. I know in these days of migrants and Brexit and collapsing economies, this may seem a mere trifle, but I don’t do hairy chins. I work with older people and I can deal with most things – I can speak up nice and loud, I can listen to the same story several times and seem interested and I can clean our ladies’ loos after incidents. (This is not a frequent occurrence and not in my job description – anywhere – I checked.) I do struggle with a chin though. I work hard (too hard possibly) to fight this scourge of old age.
All these indisputable signs of the march of time can make me a bit depressed, if I let them, because I sort of feel that I haven’t finished yet. However, I was reading about Zachariah and Elizabeth this week and I am quite taking to them. They were what the Kings James calls – “well stricken in years” or knocking on a bit as we say round here – maybe in their sixties – some sources say older. Yet they were faithful, true to their heritage and going on with God and still serving.

 During the rule of Herod, King of Judea, there was a priest assigned service in the regiment of Abijah. His name was Zachariah. His wife was descended from the daughters of Aaron. Her name was Elizabeth. Together they lived honourably before God, careful in keeping to the ways of the commandments and enjoying a clear conscience before God. But they were childless because Elizabeth could never conceive, and now they were quite old (Luke 1)

And then – she went and found herself pregnant, surprising even themselves. 
It just made me think, I might be feeling my best days are behind me, the cult of youth is strong these days young Skywalker (sorry) and it is sometimes difficult to see what you are meant to be doing with the rest of your life. But it seems that, once again, God isn’t bound by what society (and many churches) say. He reaches in and does the miraculous and it seems not to matter that you or I think it may be too late. And maybe it never is for him.



  1. October 24, 2016 / 6:21 am

    Grow old along with me!
    The best is yet to be,
    The last of life, for which the first was made:
    Our times are in his hand
    Who saith, “A whole I planned,
    Youth shows but half; trust God: see all, nor be afraid!'

    (Robert Browning)

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