I’m not entirely sure how I have the nerve to just turn up here and start talking again. If you have all gone away to pastures new, I really would understand. It’s not as if I have a terrific excuse. No deaths or sinister diseases. No great life changes. I was just exhausted. Not from blogging – it’s hardly the most exacting thing in the world – at least the way I do it, it isn’t. Just life seemed to catch up with me in lots of different ways and I sincerely couldn’t think of one single bright or even not completely dim thing to say to you. So I didn’t. Didn’t say anything. So sorry about that. Now, however, I am well into a much needed staycation and am feeling much better. Just not going anywhere has done me a power of good. (Well, we went to London and I will chat about that at a later date)

I have tidied the blog up a bit and updated some photos. I really couldn’t expect everyone to keep staring at that photo from my brother’s civil ceremony which is now very old indeed. However, when you only take a flattering photo once every ten years – you like to stick with what you have. I have been writing a bit away from the blog and am putting some more work into that. I have lots of things on my mental plate at the moment. I don’t ever want to feel that tired again and am looking at how to slow down – physically, mentally, spiritually. I am also doing some of your actual musing on my spiritual life  – who I am as a Christian, where my church fits in – indeed where I fit in, in my church. We are neither of us encumbered by needing to attend a church with a good youth group anymore and I am not sure if I need somewhere else. We have made no decisions – we are praying. Nothing exciting may happen.

I have been particularly struck by a post by Pen Wilcock about a retreat she was leading. I couldn’t attend it unfortunately – work made the weekend just un-doable but the subject matter had been buzzing round my head. She talked about women of a certain age. I suppose mid-fifties or so. we may have raised our kids, have an elderly parent to er…parent but are still working and don’t feel as if it is done for us at all. Yet – what is there to do? What if you get to that age and still aren’t sure you have found your place? Is it too late? I’m sure it can’t be. Sometimes, I am excited by endless optimism about God’s plans and my possibilities. At other times I feel he has moved on to a younger model – one who is a bit more obedient and doesn’t ask stupid questions. So this is where I am – a bit. I cannot possibly take up any more of your time. I shall return – probably sooner than you would prefer – but until then I leave you with the photo of a ten year old me above. That is the smile of someone who was choosing to value hope over expectation and I will be working tirelessly to return to that way of thinking ASAP



  1. August 18, 2016 / 6:56 am

    Glad to see you back,. Love the photos, good to see you still smiling 40 years on. Praying that God leads you to the right conclusions soon. Waiting for guidance is always hard x x

    • August 18, 2016 / 10:33 am

      Waiting is always the hardest thing. You worry you have missed the obvious

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