July Reads

This is the July reading plan. As usual, only a couple are bought new because I am not made of money. Some are charity shop finds and some are gifts etc. I have started already and some are already read.

Henry Winter. 50 Years of Hurt. I love a football book and Henry Winter is one of the finest football writers. He talks a lot of sense about the the England football set up and so the FA will take no notice of him at all.

Marian Keyes. The Mystery of Mercy Close. I bought this because I have seen Marian Keyes on lots of things and I follow her on Twitter and she seems really nice and funny. This is classic Lite Lit or whatever the politically correct term is which I suspect is a lot harder to produce than it seems. She is very good at page turning stories and the stuff about depression is very vivid – I suppose because she knows what she is talking about. I raced through it.

Jenny Colgan. Little Shop of Happy Ever After. I saw this recommended on the Women Alive Book Club. It is bona-fide wish fulfillment. Bookish Girl gets made redundant from Library. Bookish Girl buys big van in Scotland and makes new and entirely plausible career selling books out of back of van. Bookish girl is suddenly wildly attractive to local brooding laird type.  Come On! You know you love it.

To read….

Elizabeth Goudge. The Scent of Water. Again recommended by Woman Alive Book Club. Bought it because I read a sample chapter and couldn’t put it down. We shall see.

Eve Garnett. The Family from One End Street. This is a children’s book. I love a children’s book and this one is full of social conscience and love and family apparently.

Penelope Wilcock. A Day and a Life. I have loved every book in this series about a community of monks. And if you are weighing that up and thinking it will be boring – then kindly leave the blog – we have nothing to say to one another. The books are full of character and love and I have cried several times reading them. This is supposedly the last in the series but because I am a master at avoiding any kind of bad news. I am doing what I usually do and ignoring the facts. Play to your strengths – that’s what I say.

Tony Collins. Taking My God for a Walk. This is written by Pen Wilcock’s husband – himself a distinguished publisher and my slightly squished logic says that if he likes her writing, then I will like his writing. Also I am quite interested in the idea of a pilgrimage and even more interested in a pilgrimage by someone who appears to be a normal person rather than someone in bare feet wearing a shroud.



  1. July 4, 2016 / 7:57 am

    I remember loving the Family from One End St, many years ago. Elizabeth Goudge is a perennial favourite and I can re read her books many times. Have read Jenny Colgan, light but nice as no swearing etc. Wonder if you would like Erica Bauermeister's 'The School of Essential ingredients', her prose is beautiful? Oh and I also enjoyed Penelope Wilcock.

    • July 5, 2016 / 6:16 am

      I had never heard of Family from One End Street but since mentioning it – it seems that I am the only person in the world! And everyone loves it. Looking forward to it.

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