But in the end…

So it was Exit. We didn’t see that coming at all. Even Farage changed his mind about three times on the night – defining the word “slippery”. 

Anyway, time will tell I suppose. I have seen the accusations of racism and it’s not really something I have some across. I just think some evil genius somewhere is congratulating him/herself on the way that people felt that the economic misery of their lives was down to the EU and not successive British Governments who have largely ignored the poor and the working class unless they were searching out people to press the demands of the austerity budget upon. 

Everything that has happened since has left me vaguely uncomfortable. I’m not very good with bad feeling. I’m not happy with people using that bad word about Boris Johnson or booing him as he got into his car. I don’t really feel that this thing should be done again until we get a different result – no matter what the petitions say. So what to do? The future that people like Boris or Nigel envisage for us is not a future I am interested in. 

So maybe it is time to put our money where our mouth is. If we don’t want to see refugees treated badly or even students or foreign workers – then we need to work to make sure that doesn’t happen. If we want a kinder, less exclusive society, the what are we prepared to do to achieve it? And if we understand why the poor and the disabled and those who shop at food banks were so angry – how does that stir us into action?

Because in the end, it is all about the love. I watched Samantha Cameron watch her husband, going through agonies because she loves him. I thought it might be the first real positive emotion I had seen all the way through this rubbish.

I am unhappy and a bit scared. We have no idea how this will land and the people who were so keen on it haven’t got the faintest idea either. But I’m a Christian in I’m asked to have faith. Not in a dodgy system or ideology but in a God who loves me. That will be my starting point I think.


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