May Books of the Month

Didn’t know if you would be interested but these are on the reading plan for May. Bit late really, have already read a couple. I know there’s a lot and I haven’t won the pools or anything not that I’m a gambling woman you understand. A couple are car boot finds etc. Some are new though. I like a book.
The Jazz Files – been seeing this around on the ACW site for a while now. Sometimes Christian writers trying “a bit-Christian” fiction can be tricky I find but am liking the look of the subject matter and first couple of chapters are rollocking along nicely. 
Wonderful Weekend Book – I have already scooted through this. Lots of impractical ideas really about your weekends, but it is written in such an engaging way and the overriding principle about doing all your work in the week so you have a day for rest is excellent. Reminds me of another principle er…er oh yes Sabbath I think it’s called.
You Are A Badass. Probably terrible self help book but find this kind of thing totally irresistible. Probably proof of some deep-seated personality defect (Also probably not that deep-seated.)
Diary of an Ordinary Woman. Have never read any Margaret Forster. Read her obituary and wanted to. So I bought this. It’s not rocket science.
H is for Hawk. Everyone raves about it. 50p at the boot sale. What do you want? Jam on it?
Still Foolin’ em. I love Billy Crystal ergo I will love a book full of his anecdotes with sleeve notes by Steve Martin and Robin Williams. Theirs was a gang I always wanted to join.


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