I’m a bit worried about Facebook. Not the actual multi zillion dollar machine itself obviously just what happens on there sometimes. It’s not just Facebook – it’s a lot of Social Media generally. I think there is a fine line sometimes between sharing and bragging. Now I like a nosey and I love it when people put photos up of themselves and the things that they are doing. It’s nice to leave a comment – especially when you live a long way from the person. I love wedding and birthday photos and pictures of new chubby babies. I love photos of days out to interesting places. It’s generally a pleasing thing. I just think it’s a bit weird sometimes when people put posts up like “Had a great time with my friends last night”. Why wouldn’t you say that to their face – as you left their house? Why wouldn’t you turn round and say “Oooh thanks, I had a lovely time” and kiss them on both cheeks or give a cheery wave? Why do people go on and on about how great such and such a person is and say how close they are etc. Wouldn’t you just say so? To them? When they are in the room? Why are you telling us? I sometimes wonder if people see posts like that about themselves and are surprised about how awesome they apparently are or just how epic the walk round the reservoir was when they just thought it was a nice hour out. 
The answer must be partly, I suppose, that the post is really for others to see – to show how popular we are are and what an amazing life we have. But then how is that received by those who don’t have an amazing life? What about the lonely or the struggling or those who weren’t included? How do they feel I wonder? Is it like being back at school and finding out that everyone had been out playing without you? What about preferring the weaker brother?
Then you get these little things that say things like “Share if your daughter is awesome” What difference does that make to anything? If I don’t share does that mean that my daughter isn’t awesome?  The weirdest one is “Share if you hate cancer.” Seriously? Do they get many people who don’t hate cancer? It’s all very puzzling.  

Maybe it might be a bit more honest to post something like “Had….. round for a meal. Not a sparkling evening really. Was quite relieved when they left and I could catch up on Pointless.” 



  1. May 4, 2016 / 10:01 pm

    Have heard so much about the relentless bullying and mindless Facebook posts. I don't go there.

    • May 5, 2016 / 5:21 am

      Foe me it's not that bad although I hear plenty of stories about how horrible it can be. Just a bit annoying sometimes really.

  2. May 7, 2016 / 11:54 am

    I have to admit to finding FB rather tedious. And I seem to get linkerd to people that I don't even know! I suppose it's something to do with people who I have "friended". I don't often post on FB myself.

  3. May 9, 2016 / 10:43 pm

    You raise some interesting points here! I'm not on Facebook but I really see what you mean. I worry about this when I blog too. When I document a really good thing has happened or school or anything, I want to remember that feeling and keep a,record of it but I worry that it makes me look likei am saying, "Ya, ya, ya, aren't I a wonderful teacher," etc which I don't want it to feel. I feel v insecure a lot if times when I had a bad lesson or a class misbehaved and maybe I should share that more BUT I never want to put anything too negative up here just in case any of the leadership accidently read it!

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