The thing is we never were…


…were we Mr Cameron?
There’s a bit of a rant on the way but it is more in sadness than anger. So this week, we found out that people use offshore tax havens to hide money from their governments, or their wives or the lady that cleans for them. This, I think came as a surprise to precisely no-one.
There were a few choice names that came up and the people of Iceland were especially vexed as they had been told that there was no money anywhere in the whole country and it was fairly disappointing to find out that one of the reasons for that was that their leader had been spiriting it away to Panama in his wife’s name. Other than that, we were all unhappy but not especially concerned. What could we do? Then the name “Cameron” came up and it all kicked off.
I take no pleasure in watching a man squirm the way our Prime Minister did this week. It would, of course, been better to be honest right at the beginning and say exactly what went on but which of us hasn’t been guilty of being a bit economical with the truth and mumbling a bit in the hope that all this unpleasantness will fade away?
Now I didn’t vote for him but I don’t think Mr Cameron is anywhere near the most unpleasant person in his party. There is a lot of competition for that spot and I don’t even think he is Premier League. I also feel that there is a possibility that some of these more unsavoury elements may be lining up someone as a successor to their Dear Leader and may be stirring things up a bit behind the scenes. (Too House of Cards?  OK.)
What was the most upsetting was to see laid out before your eyes, something that I always thought was true anyway. All that stuff about us all being in this together. We were never all in this together. Not really. In a week when I know of  a young woman who has had her toes removed and her lungs wrecked after a flesh eating disease took its toll, it’s not really true to say that you are in it with her is it? Because this week she has had all her benefits and her mobility car taken off her – so college will be a nightmare and  work impossible. Then there is the couple I know. She is a permanent wheelchair user. he is her carer and has several disabilities himself. Still he was managing to hold down a job. It was in a hotel on Dartmoor as a reception manager. He was very highly thought of but he will have to give it up now. Guess why? because you can’t get to a hotel on Dartmoor without a car. Well you can catch two buses and walk three quarters of a mile. If you don’t need a stick to walk.
I’m not sure that someone who knows that, whatever happens, he doesn’t have to worry too much because he can always play out some jiggery pokery with a few hundred thousand can’t seriously think that we believe him when he says that we are all in this together can he? I think we all knew that in reality we never were but now we get to see it in black and white.



  1. April 11, 2016 / 8:00 am

    Brilliantly summed up. I would like to take some of our politicians and make them live an 'ordinary' life for a month, an basic pension, maybe as a Carer.The first thing they would have to go through is the undignified 'Financial Assessment' where a teenager with a laptop invites you to reveal every penny you have, taps busily away and then grins and says….'So you 'll be paying £X for your care', and you know they have just swept away half your incomings. I rant with you.

  2. April 11, 2016 / 8:48 am

    It was always a risky line to take – not to mention annoying when the truth was always going to be different.

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