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It’s a good job I am not religious about Mothers’ Day because something has gone terribly wrong in here. I have seen all the lovely stuff in the magazines about Mums having breakfast in bed or lolling about all day in their dressing gowns. This has NOT happened here. Firstly – we have a severe shortage of offspring today. Some nonsense about University. So I am building up an intimate relationship with Moonpig. For those who don’t know – Moonpig is an Internet card sending company which allows people to order and send cards without mauling about in Clintons or picking up a biro. They also guarantee next day delivery for those who despite numerous subtle texts, wake up in a cold sweat 24 hours before deadline day and no way of getting to Town to slam a card in the post box. Moonpig is blessed by all children who live away from home.

Secondly, the NHS insisted on calling staff into work today so the only other person who could spend the day serving my every need is at the hospital for the morning serving lots of other people’s needs. Fair enough – they do pay him (a bit) and he left some flowers by proxy before he went.

So, in the absence of anyone to call me Mother – it is my turn to call someone else Mother so Aged Parent – who has had a chest infection and could probably live without a partaay is forced to come and eat Sunday lunch with us (I have to say – for someone with a post infection appetite – she did very well.) So that was all very nice. 

I appreciate all the lovely thoughts and messages, I really do and some of the things I have read on Facebook are equally edifying. However (and it’s only a small however) I am sometimes a little disturbed by this Mother’s Day juggernaut. I love my kids more than life itself and I don’t say that lightly but I am aware that today is also full of people who have lost their children (Aged Parent being a case in point) and those who have never had children – sometimes longed for – sometimes not. Also there are those for whom the term “Mother” means only sadness and maybe even abuse. There are also those who have lost a much loved Mother. Today is a really painful day for lots of people. I am not saying that I want to rain on all the happy mothers’ parades. We don’t have to apologise for being who we are and Motherhood is a fantastic thing.  Just, a bit of sensitivity, you know and also remember that the fact that we are mothers doesn’t make us any better than anyone else. Women, sometimes get to feel bad about themselves if don’t fit cultural norms (whatever one of them is) and Christian women sometimes seem to suffer more than most but we are loved – as we are  – whether we have given birth or not. We are whole and complete in the God who loves us. We have nothing to prove and no Hallmark Card to live up to. 

And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power (Col 2)



  1. March 7, 2016 / 3:02 pm

    And anyway, here in England, today is properly Mothering Sunday and all about the Mother Church. My day was odd too- both daughters in London [one in the throes of new-motherhood herself] and OH temporarily in hospital. I ended up doing the preaching at church [mind you, I did get a bunch of daffs, as did every woman in church, from the Sunday School] But at least 3 people there had lost adult children, and other women present had never been able to be mothers. We need to be sensitive. We are , indeed, complete in Him, whoever we are.

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