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As usual, we got out and about a bit and also watched quite a lot of telly over the hols. Here is my totally non-expert view on the stuff we saw.

Dr Who
FOW 2 has been a bit off Dr Who this season. Not because of Peter Capaldi, who is obviously very good, but because she feels that the writer Stephen Moffat has been playing fast and loose with the rules. For example, she was apoplectic, when Dr Who went back to Gallifrey because he can NEVER go back to Gallifrey. I, however, am unburdened by such detailed knowledge and laughed like a drain all through the River Song Christmas episode. Sometimes I think it is an advantage to be a bit simple.

Downton Abbey
Sorry. Never seen it. Felt it was a bit cheeky joining here so I didn’t and also saw that Maggie Smith has never seen it which must mean something.

And Then There Were None (Bit of a spoiler – move on if you don’t want it)
This should have been amazing. I had read the book – best Agatha Christie I think but I felt the adaptation was so keen to get that Poldark chappy stripped to the waist that it upset the balance of the thing. To have the person that did the deed explain it while someone dangled on the edge of death was distracting. Much better to have a last letter explain it all. Also HOH who hasn’t read the book guessed the killer within the first hour. He said it was obvious. Something wrong there then.

Ooooh. This one divided everyone I think. I found it a bit up itself, I’ll be honest – a bit too knowing. However, I still think it is twenty times better than everything else on the telly to be honest so lets not complain too much. 

Star Wars
I know my reaction is not normal but this makes me so happy. I so loved the first films and it was so great to see someone had gone back and done it so well. It is very important to uber fans like me. (Can I just say here that despite being slightly obsessed, I have never actually thought that Jedi was a religion and for those that think so, I think you should consider the possibility that George Lucas came up with the whole idea after one too many shandys. Just a thought)

Very funny film. Not for your Maiden Aunt if she is easily offended. Well actually if she is quite difficult to offend.

When Harry Met Sally

Family pre Christmas outing to the Arts Centre. Of course very funny and beautiful and romantic and witty and heart stoppingly brilliant. (HOH has suggested that if your Maiden Aunt will be troubled by the sight of Meg Ryan faking full on jiggy in a cafe – she may prefer to give this a miss. Good Point, Well Made)

Not bothering you with High Society, On The Town and the Frank Sinatra story. They were from my personal Sinatra afternoon and aren’t anything to trouble anyone else with. You understand.



  1. January 6, 2016 / 11:10 pm

    I sat on the sofa knitting whilst OH watched Dr Who. I like PC but the plot seemed stupid. DA – predictable and contrived tying up of loose ends. Christie- not as good as the book, and gratuitous chest shots a distraction [daughter painting my nails and she smudged one when he came on screen] Sherlock – too much over-thinking. Star Wars – reassuringly familiar plot. Sisters – not seen this. When H met S – love it, laugh a lot [if in the right company] Would have enjoyed watching High Society, but something came up. What a swell party that was!!!

    Happy new year. looking forward to seeing what Jericho is like

  2. January 8, 2016 / 4:28 pm

    I loved both the Doctor Who & the Sherlock. Yes, Sherlock was a bit "up itself" (and I'm still not quite sure what was going on…) but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The film "Sunshine on Leith" which Mr FD recorded was excellent – great fun, and happy making. Don't watch Downton so have no idea what it was like.

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