To the Joy Unbounded that is B and M Bargains. We have taken Aged Parent because she has always wanted to go to the massive B and Ms in Cornwall. Have given Head of House a stern talking to. He is not a great shopper (unless he is in Armani and those days are long gone, Buster). He likes to go in, choose what he wants and leave – preferably within thirty seconds. This is the exact Polar Opposite of Aged Parent who feels if an aisle is worth looking at, it’s worth looking at four times. I feel that if everyone compromises, all will be well. Thirty minutes in, we are halfway down Aisle One and Head of House is sitting disconsolately on a £19.99 chaise longue which doesn’t look that sturdy to me. I am running between the two trying to keep everyone happy. Well, actually Aged Parent is oblivious to any tension as she is thrilled by her purchase of 40 Christmas cards for £1.99. I am quite concerned that when you hold them up you can see through them but she reassures me that it is “Only for the people in the Sheltered Housing”
Head of House cheers up a bit when we find an enormous steak and kidney pudding in a tin, which is technology at its most advanced as far as he is concerned. After what seems like a lifetime, we retreat to Waitrose next door for overpriced coffee and a pastry that Aged Parent has to take all the nuts off. She shares interesting story about a lady she knows who was “a bit of a girl” when she was younger.
“Apparently, all the Matelans were queuing up for her when she was young”
“Mum, I don’t claim to be an expert in naval terms but I’m pretty certain that it is “Matelots” that you mean.”
Aged Parent gives me hard stare and moves on – completely unconvinced that these sailors do not share their name with the well known discounting store.
Anyway – bottom line. Nice morning really – once we all got used to each other.
HOH and I soothed our troubled brows later on by going to see Bridge of Spies. It’s very good. Really good. Spielberg is really very good at what he does for a living.
In other exciting news. I have booked my Star Wars tickets. I’m not going on the first night because that’s when all the people who like to dress up as Wookies go and that’s a bit much even for me. Am going as soon as I can after that though. Happy Days! 


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  1. December 9, 2015 / 9:51 am

    We drove past B&M yesterday. OH said we did not have time for me to go in and mooch round. Could be worse – your AP could have included Matelas, the IKEA mattress in the debate! My mother came home from shopping once and said she had bought me a pooch. It turned out to be a poncho. Hoping to get to the cinema after Christmas – please continue with your helpful film reviews [are you related to Barry Norman?] Advent blessings x

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