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Monday  has zoomed round again, as it does and I have looked back on a less than momentous week – the highlights of which I am happy to share. So last week, I was mostly…

  • Taking Aged Parent to Aldi and watching the crowds of students miraculously part as she informed the room that Syrup Of Figs was doing wonders for her constipation. She has no boundaries but at least we can get to the fish freezer easily.
  • Going to watch The Bond. I wish I liked Spectre more. I would love to like The Bond, packed as it is with great people – Rory, Ben, Ralph and, of course Dave Batista. And it’s British and cool. But it was so long. Hours long, and I get a bit bored of car crashes and punching people and torture. Where are the jokes? It used to be full of quips. Not very funny quips, I’ll give you that but a least they were having a go. The beginning is really good, a great set piece but then, well not so good for me. The villain was annoying me – why wasn’t he wearing any socks under his trousers? There is a moral choice at the end that JB would NEVER make which was a puzzle. And Monica Belluci needs to phone her agent. All she gets to do is look Italian (Which she does fabulously well) get pushed against a mirror by JB, do a bit of jig-a-jig, then never be seen again. Lots of people loved it. HOH liked it. He told me – “It’s not really for you is it?”
  • Turned on the Festival of Remembrance to hear them singing Praise My Soul rather beautifully, only to have the whole thing ruined by Pixie Lott giggling though it like I used to do at school. (In my defence – I was eleven) This, I think, is was happens when you try to put showbiz into intelligent, thoughtful things. I’m not sure what her contribution was because I switched on late. I’m willing to bet she had spent some time earlier murdering “We’ll Meet Again” – making it sound like a threat rather than a promise.
  • Been over to Amazon to pre-order the new Pen Wilcock, Hawk and The Dove book. (Highly recommended by the way) It’s not due out till February but, I like to be in the queue. It’s a British thing I think. 
  • Felt a bit sick – along with HOH, for a couple of days. We are a bit concerned that our duvet is trying to kill us. It’s really efficient. Too efficient and we both keep waking up boiling hot with bad heads. I could do with the weather going a bit colder to be honest or we may not survive the Autumn. 
  • Managed to leave my phone at work Friday night and decided that, rather than go back for it, I would have a phone free weekend. Have been approached by four people (one a bit worried that I had been kidnapped or sold into slavery apparently) moaning that they couldn’t get in touch with me. Will need to rejoin human race today unfortunately and return to phone.

Other than that, I worried a bit, prayed a bit, got on with it, as you do. Bring on the next week. 



  1. November 9, 2015 / 9:10 am

    Wondered if anyone else had noticed Pixie tittering to Rod during a ceremony that certainly didnt merit schoolgirl antics. Sadly her song was less than brilliant. What a shame.

    • November 9, 2015 / 7:29 pm

      If nothing else, you would have hoped she would have realised how many people were watching her.

    • November 10, 2015 / 12:20 pm

      I tuned in late too – but notice that her antics are all over the press. This is not an event at which you should giggle through the hymns and then tweet afterwards 'it was such fun'

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