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Out at something a bit different last night. Our local arts centre had arranged a viewing of The Third Man at Plymouth’s Council Chamber. The idea was (I think) to show a film about post war secrecy and confusion, in a setting where secrecy and behind the scenes chicanery still exist. I’m not sure about this myself because you can actually watch the Plymouth City Council in session over the old Interweb should you not have a life (not what you would describe as shot through with tension – sorry) and they do run tours to the building as well. However, the setting was a huge success – all teak walls and spooky shadows. 
There also plans to show “The Life Aquatic” with the screen on the massive fish tank in the National Marine Aquarium, Fight Club at the Royal William Yard and lots of other stuff. FOW 2 is a bit worried. She helps out at the Arts Centre and on learning that the lady who introduced our film was in full 1940s fancy dress, was concerned to see that she appears to have her name down to do some ushering for The Rocky Horror Show. “I am NOT dressing up is suspenders for anyone” and also Raiders of the Lost Ark which will be shown at the Tamar Trail “Nobody should think for a minute that I am getting on one of those zip-wire things” 

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It’s a long time since I have seen the Third Man, with its genius script and atmospheric shots and the very hot Orson Welles. It’s just one of the best films ever made. That is all.


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