Just calling in to mention a couple of films we got to see. We went to see Minions – myself and FOW2 and we didn’t care. I loved Despicable Me and so there we were. To be honest, it does exactly what it says on the tin. There are Minions, they fall over a lot and shout at each other and that’s about it really. There are some laugh out loud bits and Jennifer Saunders does a brilliant turn as an arm-wrestling Queen of England but, to be honest, it’s not really for me is it? There was a little person in the seat in front who almost dies of happiness a couple of times and that was almost worth the entrance fee to be honest.


About as far away from that as it is possible to get is Amy – a documentary about Amy Winehouse. Ah – this is so sad. Most of the news about this has been about how Amy’s father is threatening to sue the film-makers for the way he has been portrayed. I’m not surprised – he doesn’t come out of it at all well. The problem with his indignation is that you can see him, behaving badly, in front of your own eyes. It’s all camera footage, not people giving opinions on his fathering skills. I know it can be manipulated but it is shocking to see him dragging a vulnerable Amy here there and everywhere for his business deals. The kindest thing you can say is that maybe he didn’t really understand what was happening to her and how dangerous it was. I think he probably had her best interests at heart – he certainly adored her – as did everyone. 

I have to put my hand up here and say that musically, I am not her biggest fan – too much derivative stuff for me – although she could certainly sing. This is a terrific film. It moving and sad and funny. She comes across as a vulnerable little soul under all the gobbyness, a tiny person physically who just couldn’t take all the chemical abuse she put her body through. The most moving moment for me is right at the end when Tony Bennett – one of her all time heroes and a man who was no stranger to a bit of substance abuse in his younger days – said something like – “It’s so sad – I wish I could have told her that you learn how to live your life eventually, as you get older.” Whenever I see stuff like this where people lose hope and can’t find their way back, it does make me think about Jesus and his promise of redemption – in the sense that there is a way back from everything – whatever it is, no pit is too deep. Sometimes it doesn’t seem so, I know. 

If you get the chance to see this, please do. I don’t suppose it will be on in many places, unlike Minions which will be so ubiquitous it seems like it is showing on the back of your eye. 



  1. July 21, 2015 / 7:25 am

    worried to switch on PC and think it is wednesday from your blog title! [then realised you have pre-posted and your system has done what mine does sometimes, and posted it too early] I too would like to see the Minions. Have you seen the lovely little youtube clip of them singing Shine Jesus Shine? The last bit is such a brilliant picture of how we Xns love one another! Not seen Amy either- so sad. Parenting is hard enough at the best of times, and not everyone is blessed with lovely kids who get good degrees and turn into fine adults …and we all make mistakes in the Mum&Dad game. I believe there is always a way back, and a gracious Father waiting to welcome his returning children – trouble is, not everyone is ready to come home yet – and then for some it is too late.
    Feeling very shallow in thinking that right now I want to laugh till I cry , with the Minions, than weep with Mr Winehouse.
    time for mourning, time for dancing…
    must go- I have been typing so long it probably IS Wednesday by now!!

    • July 21, 2015 / 8:41 pm

      Think the posting may have been my fault. remember pressing all the right buttons – not necessarily in the right order

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