Me     How are you?

Her    Well, really well. Much better.

Me     You look well.

Her     Thanks, I feel so much better since I made things right with *****

Me     How did that go then?

Her    Good. I told her how I felt, about things. How hurt I was by her actions and that I had been quite vengeful in my thinking towards her but that I had accepted that she didn’t mean to upset me so much and I had  forgiven her and I was happy to move on.

Me     Well that’s lovely. How did she feel about that?

Her     She was a bit surprised. She had no idea that there was a problem until I told her.

Sometimes I think forgiveness is very much a clear the air/talk it through thing. Sometimes, maybe, it’s just a you and God thing. A thinking good things about people thing. A private decision to move on thing. Maybe some things are better left unsaid.


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  1. August 1, 2015 / 9:37 am

    Never a truer word spoken. We often get in a state when the other person has no idea they have caused us any pain. Honest and open conversations are always the way to go.

    X x

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