Cecil Ranting


I wouldn’t claim to be the most intelligent person in the world but can someone please explain big game hunting to me? I am not a vegetarian or anything and I do know where meat comes from thank you but I just don’t get this at all. When I see posts from people who live in the woods who have killed a giant boar to keep their family in meat for a month, I do understand that – they are going to eat it. It may not be for me, I prefer to go in a straight line to the supermarket, trying, if I can find it or afford it, to buy as ethically as possible. But, at least if you are feeding people with it – it does make sense.

It’s just the whole concept of this, I don’t get. What on earth makes anyone want to put photos of themselves up with an animal they have killed? What is the achievement? What is the point? You have a gun (or a bow and arrow for some, even more, bizarre reason) a tracker, a Land Rover, and twenty five fawning people around you just in case things go pear shaped. It’s not exactly an even Man v Nature match is it? (As a side issue – what is all the stripping to the waist about? This is ultra weird.) A few weeks ago some woman posted photos of herself having shot a giraffe. A GIRAFFE! That must have been some thrill ride. We have giraffes in Paignton Zoo and they can die if they get their legs tangled up and they fall over. I wouldn’t call it big game hunting really. Would you? Is it the thrill of the hunt? Really? Are you a grown up? Is that what life is about for you? Seriously? Do they allow you to vote?

And now Cecil the Lion has been lured from a Reserve to be killed by an American dentist of all people. It it weren’t so sad, it would be funny. Apparently, root canal work isn’t hitting the mark for him so he shoots wild animals with a bow and arrow. Cecil took 40 hours to die. His cubs may well now have to be killed as they will be vulnerable to attack from other males. I go back to the beginning of this rant. Just what on earth is this about? 

People argue that hunting is legal and it puts money back into conservation. Well lots of things have been legal – sending children up chimneys, stopping women voting, taking people from Africa and depriving them of their freedom and the right to say ‘no’ when the master fancies a pop at your wife or your daughter. These things are no longer legal and as we move on, we realise that they were never right AND WE STOP IT.  As for the money, the amounts that these people pay to hunt – huge amounts – they don’t smack of legal fees to me, they sound like corrupt blood money. Have a collection. Set up a charity. That’s what normal people do. 

There has been some very sensible talk on social media about how people are getting more worked up about this than they did about the death of a black woman in police custody and of course that it true. There is a connection though. When something is wrong – it is wrong. When the strong and those with the protection of money or privilege take advantage of those who cannot defend themselves there is a sense that the world is off kilter. You can feel that here I think and it is this innate “not rightness” that rears its head all the time. It makes me despair. Sometimes I just want to hang my head down and apologise for being a human.



  1. July 30, 2015 / 7:23 am

    Agree, agree, agree.
    It's the Neanderthal in man that emerges when he has proved he is the hunter-gatherer.

  2. July 30, 2015 / 12:51 pm

    I absolutely don't get it, but if I'm honest it doesn't really upset me. Was chatting to our Pastor about it earlier and he was completely outraged and upset about any sort of big game hunting, it certainly has stirred up peoples emotions.

  3. July 30, 2015 / 5:42 pm

    Just listened to Simon King on Radio 4- he too is angry about the pointlessness of it all, and says he wants his children and grandchildren to be able to see lions too.Such poor stewardship of our world's resources.

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