My Twopenneth re Campolo


So Tony Campolo has come out (as it were) in favour of full acceptance of gay couples. This, I believe, has not been an overnight jumping on the bandwagon but has come after years of seeing his wife work in the gay community and much soul searching. Can I just say….(and I am going to because it is my blog and you can’t stop me)

  • Tony Campolo is one of the few Christian speakers I have heard that has made me laugh until I cried and then cry properly – both in the same sermon. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone speak so convincingly about how much we are loved by God. 
  • The vitriol that has come his way – by Christians – is shocking. What on earth is going on there? What about the command that people will know Christ by the way we love each other? (I am not seeing any brackets there that say as long as it is not at the expense of MY theology) I have never seen so many people writing “Open Letters” for which you should read “Public Takedown” Even his title has changed to “The Apostate Tony Campolo” 
  • Most of the leaders, that I have read would no more minister to or even recognise a gay person that they would an alien with three heads. I am not sure why they think this gives them the authority to publicly give anyone a good kicking on this subject.
  • And it is “leaders” who are having a go. People who have “followers”. But where are you leading us? What are you teaching people? To be nasty, to fight in public, to humiliate? It is embarrassing for those of us who live outside the church bubble. Those of us who rub up against people who don’t know God, every day of our lives . Do you know what they tell us? They don’t say that they see an important theological debate being worked out. They say “Call yourselves full of the love of God?” “I have enough hassle in my own life thank you.” or “Flippin heck there are some nasty pieces of work in your religion aren’t there?” And yes, I think there are. 
  • While these people are on social media being “important” the vast majority of Christians are out there trying to show people the love of God and rubbing the back of people’s hands when it is needed – whoever they are. You are not helping and I tell you this, you are losing this argument. The next generation is slipping from you on this – partly because they don’t see Christ in this attitude. We always lose when we don’t show Christ.

For myself, I am no sure where I am theologically on this and those that know me know that I have personal reasons for working it through.  To be honest, it doesn’t keep me awake at night. Worrying about real people does that more. But, I tell you this, after the events of the last few days I have never been more tempted to put on a pink feather boa and dance to Village People.


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  1. June 10, 2015 / 6:53 am

    With you all the way, girl [as usual] TC's preaching has made a great impact on my thinking over the years. Wherever you stand on this topic, tearing a brother apart with vitriolic language can never be a Christlike action, and does nothing to help build the Kingdom. We always lose when we don't show Christ. PS please can you email me [I thought I had your email address but cannot find it] blessings xxxxx

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