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So it is the girl’s birthday and apparently a walk by the harbour followed by jam butties at home in front of the telly isn’t good enough so it is off to the flicks followed by an Italian meal. (The young have such sophisticated tastes these days) The price my family pay for an Italian meal out always includes me taking along any vouchers I have and there was one for a second main course for £2.50 which saved us nearly seven quid. Don’t look at me like that – I am very subtle about it. No, I am!

Then on to see Avengers – Age of Ultron. I am not what you would call a Marvel aficionado. In fact I take up a seat someone else could use but although I have very little idea what is going on, I did enjoy this.There is a lot of noise – good grief it’s noisy. People run on, shout a lot, hit each other with things and then run off. People get to dress in colourful capes and bounce around which was probably not as much fun as it looks. I spent a happy hour trying to decide if Captain America was wearing a wig (On balance I think probably not) FOW1 sent me a text from York complaining that they had got the Red Witch’s superpower all wrong. Apparently in the comics she has the power to change probabilities or something. To be fair to the film-makers that doesn’t sound as snappy as being able to wave your hands around a lot and make people throw themselves into ponds which was what she was doing a lot of when I saw her.

I think I am alone in the world in finding Robert Downey Jnr a bit annoying in these films but the whole thing overall is good fun and it didn’t seem as long as it was (which was nearly three hours)

The best bit though was the trailer for Star Wars – YES STAR WARS EVERYBODY – I love Star Wars . I am too embarrassed to share with you how often I have seen them. (The original three, not George Lucas’ attempt to kill off the whole franchise with the next three – although unfortunately, I have seen them quite a few times too) Anyway – a trailer for Star Wars and it looked good as well. It’s out at Christmas. Am excited here!


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  1. April 30, 2015 / 8:04 am

    I too loved the original 3 SW films. Monday is Star Wars day too. Not so keen on Avengers, and share your lack of enthusiasm for RDJ.
    Hoping to see Far from the Madding Crowd soon – now I am in Dorset, it seems de rigeur!!

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