Do you ever just get a song in your head?


 Only because it was in my head all day yesterday – can’t remember any of the verses – just this chorus. So, just remembering when you sang a verse and then tucked your hymn book under your arm to clap in the chorus or if you were really, really spiritual you didn’t pick up the book at all!   (Freaks)

Just a lovely. lovely song—2,3,4

I can never tell how much I love Him,
I can never tell His love for me,
For it passeth human measure,
Like a deep, unfathomed sea;
’Tis redeeming love in Christ my Savior,
In my soul the heav’nly joys begin;
And I live for Jesus only,
Since the fullness of His love came in.

Eliza E Hewitt 1916


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  1. April 24, 2015 / 7:37 am

    Yes yes yes!! and I drive along in my car singing at the top of my tuneless little voice, just me and the Lord- but often I have to repeat verse 3 a dozen times till I can remember the last line. Tell me the old, old story…How marvellous, how wonderful! etc etc [and if you were un-spiritual, you hoped the bloke next to you in the pew would share his hymnbook with you]

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