I do hope you don’t mind this. This is a re-post from last year’s Easter Saturday. It’s not that I think  it’s the bees knees or anything. It’s just that today is important I think. Almost as challenging as Good Friday was for the followers of Christ. And it’s important for those waiting for a miracle from God. When God seems distant, when we feel we have lost, when the waiting seems hopeless. That experience is rooted in Easter Saturday

This is Easter Saturday. A Holy Day for many Christians. A day of complicated theology. For me Easter Saturday means something else. It is the day before the miracle. The day when the tomb was still well and truly shut to those outside. A day when Jesus’ followers were saying – Well what was all that about then? A day when the promised end seemed impossible. A day when God’s power may not have seemed as powerful as they had hoped. The day that followed the darkest day and it showed no improvement – no sign of what was to come. Only cold, dark quiet. No signs from God, no encouragement, no answers.

Easter Saturday resonates with anyone on the journey of faith. A silence from God. A pause in the plan. No clues as to the coming miracle. Just a quiet, waiting game. We know now that Sunday came and with it, the extraordinary. But the Easter Saturday experience is just as important. The faith. The waiting. The unbelief. The expectancy. The confusion. This is where the pattern for faith is set. This is where we learn who God is, as we wait.


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  1. April 4, 2015 / 1:22 pm

    Last night's dinner discussion was trying to imagine being a follower of Christ, on the evening of Christ's death. Would we be sitting in darkness afraid for our lives…would we have fled undercover of darkness,would we be confused,let down,trying to find someone who could explain..
    Our imagined feelings could never have even a hint of authenticity ,given that we know what comes next,but it enhanced our Good Friday experience.
    Jane x

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