Back from Cardiff

So, we are back from 2 days in Cardiff. A little bit of shopping and a nice hotel breakfast. I am a big fan of hotel buffet breakfasts even though I would never dream of eating cereal, full english and a danish for breakfast under normal circumstances; it means you don’t need lunch so, is therefore a very frugal move on my part. 

The main reason we decamped to Cardiff was to see Caitlin Moran at St David’s Hall. You may or may not have heard of her. She is a columnist for The Times, a writer and also has just written the script for Channel 4’s Raised By Wolves. 

Caitlin Moran is very funny and smart with some important things to say. However, it would probably not be wise to go and see her with your maiden aunt (or with Roy Chubby Brown and Howard Stern actually) She has a colourful way with the English language and is also a passionate feminist. As part of this passion, she feels that certain female “things” need to be addressed in an open, out there sort of way. It is not for the faint hearted. 

Among subjects covered on the night were – body image, menstruation, shaving legs, not being a size 8, the thigh gap and a few things I probably shouldn’t bother you with. If it’s sounds a bit heavy, it really wasn’t – she is very funny and sweet and kind. My daughter loved her and so did I. There were lots of things I didn’t agree with but, it was great to hear a woman tell other women that they are beautiful, that they shouldn’t take any notice of magazines and movies that tell them otherwise. I might be a bit old to be standing up with 1500 other people shouting “I am a feminist” but it was a great night. 


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  1. April 21, 2015 / 10:38 am

    You're right, of course, Lesley. Caitlin Moran is extremely entertaining and puts a lot of boring male comedians to shame. She has a point of view that's well worth getting to know. But don't you think that if you can still laugh, even though you don't agree with everything, then that's the mark of a good Comedian, or is it Comedienne? You shouldn't worry about your Maiden Aunt, even if you have one? I don't have a Maiden one but I do have an Aunt who closing on 90 who would have been cackling [not a misogynist description of elderly ladies, her laugh is, indeed a cackle of sorts]. She loves anything that makes her think and if anything, in company I might be the one shrinking my head below the Parapet.

    So here's a link to a very funny piece, include or exclude at your discretion.

    You'll have to copy and paste into you're browser or just go to YT and search for Caitlin Moran. Still some of your audience may enjoy it but then you know who my fellow members are better than I.

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