What Am I Doing?

So, because I am doing a sterling job at nursey stuff I couldn’t do church Sunday morning (and can I just say how really grateful I am for your prayers and thoughts. I remain certain that prayer changes things) so listened to Desert Island Discs which I nearly always enjoy but rarely manage to catch. Can I just chivvy you up a bit if you can to find Sunday’s programme with Bryan Stevenson (above). He is ” the founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative, a private, non-profit organization headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, and is a professor at New York University School of Law”

He had some stories to tell – of children of 13 being sentenced to life without parole. Stories of 11 year old boys in adult detention centres being subjected to terrible sexual and physical abuse. And Mr Stevenson and his team work for nothing to support the poor and expose the racial inequality in the penal system. Just sat on my bed with my socks in my hand – completely mesmerised. What a bloke. Great music too. What am I doing with my life?

here’s the link if it helps

PS Sorry font is weird. Technology is a blessing and a curse I find


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