Walking Wounded

Number 14 in my “Rules To Live By – Based Only On My Own Rubbish Theories” is never to ask God “What else can go wrong?” – just in case he decides to show me.
Anyway, am in middle of weekend caring for Aged Parent. (She is doing well, thank you for prayers and support. A little too many frank conversations about bowel movements for my personal preference but there you are) She says on Sunday – “Have a day off – my friend is coming round for the afternoon. ” So I do and I take the dog out and he promptly pulls me down set of six concrete steps that lead up to (or in my case, down from) our front door. Please note horrific facial scar which I am bearing bravely along with injured arm which is stopping me driving and attractive bruised hand.

Life is very full at the moment



  1. March 12, 2015 / 10:50 pm

    Empathising with you and your hurting hand [velcro splints are wonderful – I speak as one who has lived in one for 11 days now] Hope being Flo Nightingale to AP isnt TOO wearing. love and hugs xx

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