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I sometimes think that this is a bit of a boring blog compared to some others I read. I don’t have a theme like money-saving or make up, I’m not a pastor or a pastor’s wife or anything so I can’t show you that lifestyle and I’m not a particularly deep thinker so I can’t really challenge you on where my brain has gone today. This means that, sometimes, I do struggle with what to write, so in the absence of any real news this is what has gone on this week.

Great excitement as we attracted our first sparrow to the bird feeder. Unfortunately there is no photo as, as soon as I saw it, I jumped up and down with excitement and it flew away. Am hoping it has gone to tell its friends. (About the abundance of seed – not the madwoman) For those of you who don’t have problems getting lots of birds into your garden. This is Plymouth. Most birds round here are seagulls with huge wingspans and more interested in your fish and chips than a few pathetic seeds. My friend is having more joy with his bird feeder – he is putting meat and potato pie on it though.

Have booked tickets for daughter and myself to go to Cardiff to see Caitlin Moran, one of my daughter’s favourite authors. For those of you who don’t know her she is very funny and very, very potty mouthed. FOW2 is concerned that I will stand up and shout “That is too far young lady!” while pointing at the stage. I almost certainly won’t.

Supporting my theory that I will always look like I have been cleaning out caravans when I run into someone I haven’t seen for a while, this morning I popped to the Co-op with my hair sticking up like Billy Whizz in the Beano and I ran into someone I hadn’t seen for at least five years! No really, I know I am prone to slight exaggeration but I counted and it is probably more than five years. What is that about? Why do I not “just run into”  anyone when I am fragrant and coiffed? Probably because the proportion of time when I am fragant and coiffed is much lower than the proportion of time when I am er… not.

FOW2 has been offered a place at Exeter University from September. She is doing English with Film Studies (one year in France because she is geniunely very keen on French Film) She was very excited to hear that her brother was going to see Breathless – or À bout de souffle to give it its proper name,  at York University’s Film Society. Unfortunately she was a bit disappointed when I received a message from him saying “That French Film – 3 words – Emperor’s New Clothes. Just Rubbish. I only went because Jack said that there would be loads of good looking girls there and he was lying” Not everyone will share our passions I suppose.

Tonight’s Towards Belief meeting is about “Religious Violence” which sounds nice and cheery. Am looking forward to a lot of talk about the Crusades which I refuse to be held responsible for and Northern Ireland which I also barely understand. I do not expect to be much help tonight.

This was the news from Martha Towers. Thank you for reading.



  1. February 9, 2015 / 6:39 pm

    Sparrows – we have LOTS! This is because two doors down there's a vacant lot with loads of undisturbed scrub, and because our next door neighbour has holes in the eaves of his house. So, from the sparrows' point of view, a covenant juxtaposition of playground and housing estate. Great place to raise one's children. Note to self; block up hole in own house left under the eaves by builders – before nesting season.

  2. February 9, 2015 / 7:41 pm

    I love eclectic blogs which ramble all over the place – 'one-theme-only' blogs [be it frugality, spirituality, or making quilts] can get awfully repetitive. I have been considering bird feeders- but just realised there are many gulls around here too, and Hitchcock's 'Birds' left me rather scared of avian flocks descending on my garden.
    Why do the FOWs assume we elderly matrons cannot cope with the occasional bit of potty mouth? Do they think we have spent the past half century with our ears shut to all but hymns ancient and modern?
    well done on getting the offer from Exeter.
    Your statistics are dead right – if we are only 'smart' 5% of the time, then 95% we look less presentable – so the chances of meeting someone whilst scruffy are 19 out of 20 times. I was cold yesterday, and also felt my V necked dress was a little low. Put on a pretty camisole, to [a] warm my chest [b] cover my modesty. I looked down half way through the sermon and realised it was INSIDE OUT. all the raw edges of lace and tatty lines of stitching were peeping out of the neckline. Hoping nobody noticed this fashion faux pas.
    regarding stuff in french – are you watching engrenages/spiral on saturday nights?

    no further questions. have a good week. thank you for posting

    • February 17, 2015 / 9:38 pm

      HOH is obsessed with Spiral. I think I may have come to it too late I'm afraid. s it me or does she look like she needs a wash?

  3. February 16, 2015 / 4:54 pm

    I am like Ang in ptreferring a blog with lots of differen themes too. MUCH more interesting – and you never know what you're going to read about next: Selma or sparrows?!

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